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Don't block screen when submitting log


I use Cachly for both logging caches and navigating.  It can be a nuisance having the screen blocked for the time it takes to submit an online (draft) log — when slow it's anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute if the cell connection is bad (or about to time out).

Would be handy if Cachly could do this in the background.

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The easiest suggestion is to not Send Now which will store the log local on your iphone. I often do this unless I'm in a strong signal area. It will show as a pending log ( red indicator over More in the bottom right nav) and then I send pending logs when I have 2 or more cellular bars. 

I don't rent too much on cellular when it's down to 1 bar. I often can't browse per do anything other than possibly text, so for me the minimum to Send Now is 2 bars.

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