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Add an action to "Current location button"

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Nic ... Would it be possible to add an action to the "current location button/arrow" on the bottom right of the map screen?

Presently first 'tap' of the 'arrow' deep zooms the map to your current location BUT ALSO sets 'follow my location', rather than just centreing the map on 'my location' ... you then have to keep tapping through all the various options to get back to the DEFAULT state of that button. When using this 'find me' function I almost always just want the map to 'centre' on my location without changing its action and would prefer not to deep zoom to my location.

Would it be possible to add an action so the FIRST tap of the arrow only centres the map on 'my current location', preferably with the map zoom level remaining unchanged, then a second tap would set the 'follow me' action as present.


PS: perhaps this should have been posted in the 'New Feature' section

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This button in Cachly mirrors how Google Maps and Apple Maps apps work. The first tap on Cachly, and those apps, zoom to your location and start following it. This was done for consistency and intuitiveness of the UI. Changing this now, and having the first tap do something else would likely cause a lot of user frustration since it has functioned this way since Cachly 1.0.

That being said, to exit the first follow mode, you can just move the map and it will bring you back to the default state. Hope this helps at least a little.

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Many thanks Nic ... hadn't realised moving the map released the 'follow' mode ... that's great and an easy solution to my 'problem'.

I guess the Google & Apple Maps function is more logical as they are not used in quite the same way as a geocaching app.

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