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FTF map icon blocks out offline saved found 'ticks'


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After finding caches and saving the found logs offline, the green map icon changes to show a very useful tick (or blue face for a DNF) ... so far, so good.


However when saving offline found logs for new ‘FTF’ labelled caches visited, which of course have no online found logs yet, these still show the ‘FTF’ label (in itself that’s ok) but the FTF label blocks out the user’s offline found tick. When visiting a series of new FTF labelled caches, I am unable to see which I have visited and for which I created offline found logs.


Any chance the map icon can be changed to clearly show which FTF labelled caches you have ‘found’ offline? Ideally it would change to a yellow smiley or at least the FTF label replaced by the standard icon with a tick. Not sure if I'm missing how to do this already, or whether it should be a requested feature.

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