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Waypoint letter calculation


Hello, I tried a lot of geocaching apps and Cachly is atm for me by far the best app for traditionals and some multi's.

I only switch back to another app for multi's when it's needed to collect letters and calculate waypoints. Would be great if this function could be incorporated in Cachly :-) I used the search function, but don't know if this request has been done before...

Let's say A, B, C, D need to be collected. Waypoint is made up something like this N 51° 5A.(B+D)43 E 004° 3(D*A).0BC

Somewhere in the app it's then possible to enter the numbers for A, B, C, D. After entering these numbers the waypoint is calculated automatically. This would not only mean less paper needed, but also a quick check with complex calculations if your're missing one of the numbers for a possible logical waypoint.

Kind regards, Richard


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You mentioned that you switch to another app for the above. What app do you switch to that does calculations by entering the number associated with a letter like you described above?

 What I normally do is paste this into the personal cache note field in Cachly abs capture it all there or sometimes I use the iOS Notes app so that I quickly swap between 2 apps. 

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