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"Send Log Now" toggle - keep it off until the user changes it

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Hello! I often cache in areas where the cell service isn't great, so I toggle the "Send Log Now" button for each log to off, so it will save my logs until I choose to send them.  It sometimes happens that I forget to toggle it with each log, and if there is little to no service it takes a few minutes while it tries to send the log before I get an error message and can then send it. I would love it if, when I toggle it off for a cache, that i would STAY toggled off until I switch it back on. I hope this makes sense! Thanks!

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You can set this as the default. Tap More at the bottom of the main screen. Tap Settings and then scroll to the section with the heading Log Defaults. Toggle the option for Send Log Now so it shows as the screenshot here. That will set the default to what you want when you tell Cachly to log a cache. 


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