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  1. Hello! I often cache in areas where the cell service isn't great, so I toggle the "Send Log Now" button for each log to off, so it will save my logs until I choose to send them. It sometimes happens that I forget to toggle it with each log, and if there is little to no service it takes a few minutes while it tries to send the log before I get an error message and can then send it. I would love it if, when I toggle it off for a cache, that i would STAY toggled off until I switch it back on. I hope this makes sense! Thanks!
  2. I do have an ipad, plus I have an old iphone that I can still use on wifi and offline. Home with the flu right now but I'll try it out in a week or so.
  3. Hmm. So no way to avoid it? Should I download a different keyboard? I'm surprised nobody else has encountered this - it's such an easy way to log. I find a cache with Cachly, dictate a log, press send, and I'm done. All my logs have the symbol and it just kind of annoys me!
  4. I use firefox at home and I see it on firefox. Thanks Team DEMP for posting the screenshot - that's exactly it. When I use cachly, I go into the logging screen and tap on the microphone button to use speech to text. How do I know what kind of keyboard I'm using? It's an iphone se, if that helps.
  5. I use Cachly all the time and for the last couple of months, I get a weird icon showing at the end of my logs. I log using Cachly and using speech-to-text. When I'm done speaking, I tap the little keyboard at the end. It all looks good on Cachly, but when I am home at my computer and I check on geocaching.com, my logs have the icon. Here's an example: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=1d884229-77c0-4a11-b207-50bfaf75b69a Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks!
  6. dw1

    Offline Opencycle maps?

    OCM include topo lines, useful when hiking to see how steep the trails are. I found out this weekend that the other issue I had isn't true for Cachly. When I look at OSM on my computer, the trails are much fainter than in OCM, but in Cachly they are much easier to see - so that's great! Overall, Cachly is such an improvement over the old Groundspeak app!
  7. I am really enjoying using Cachly - so much better than the official Groundspeak app! I'm wondering if there is a way to download any other maps besides OSM. OSM doesn't display all the trails and topo data as well as Open Cycle Map. Any solution for this? Thanks!