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Does Cachly not load all Caches?


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I'm currently testing Cachly and I really like the simplicity of the app, but somehow I'm having trouble with finding (all the) caches.

An example from Budapest:
I loaded all caches in Budapest and the surrounding area with the reload function. But caches are missing everywhere. Quite easy to see the Mystery Caches of the word PUZZLE.


Here is an Screenshot of the geocaching.com Website:



I have loaded all caches in Cachly:



But not all caches of the Mystery Series is loaded:




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I determined one of the caches in your screen and then loaded that cache in Live view. I then kept loading more and they all loaded for me. See the screenshot below.

You have a large number of caches loaded in your Live view screen - might you have got your daily limit of caches that geocaching.Com allows you to load? You can check by going to More in the bottom right of the main Cachly screen, then selecting Usage and scrolling down within the Usage screen.



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Hello Team DEMP,

many thanks for the answer.

No, I have 6,408 caches left. That can not be the problem.

My usecase is:
I am traveling to a new country and I would like to do geocaching there. But I do not have internet connection there, so I want to load all the caches in advance and save them into a list. 


But I think, i found the Problem: 

If I wait after each click on the reload button until it stops spinning, all caches (as far as I can see) are downloaded. Until now, I have always pressed the button quickly so that all caches are downloaded as quick as possible...


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On 7/29/2019 at 6:15 PM, Nic Hubbard said:

Think about an online form where you keep clicking submit over and over. :)

No, but I think the use case is not that unlikely. I want to have many caches, and I will not wait long. Ergo: I click on the button as fast as I can. :D

One solution would be: disable the button if the previous download is not ready yet.
Or better: Asynchronous downloads: Each click is processed in a thread and do not interrupt each other.


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Geocaching.com, not Cachly, places limits on requests. These limits are on total numbers and the rate at which you can download. Cachly had to honor the limit and can't fire off concurrent requests. It could create a queue but loading caches in Live is not really a queue model. The max number, currently 100, could be increased, but then users might quickly hit their limit or put an unnecessary list on the Geocaching infrastructure. 

You can adjust the number of caches per tap to request in Settings / Live Search and set it up to 100, if you haven't already done so.

You might be better served by creating an online list on the GC website and then accessing the online list via Cachly, or saving the online list as an offline list. Using the right tool to get the job done might serve you better. I often use Cachly, cachetur, Project GC and the Geocaching website together as an optimal approach. 

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