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Include solved coord caches outside view when loading caches


I suspect the answer to this is 'not possible' :unsure:

On the Caches screen, when you hit the load arrow, Cachly displays caches whose coords are within the current view.  But if a mystery has solved coords within the view, but the given location is outside the view, you won't see it.

So if my destination is a particular area I won't necessarily see all the caches in that area.

(Yes, could muck around with zooming or lists.)

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The rule at GC.com is a puzzle cache final coords must be within 2 miles of the original posted coords - https://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#mystery . I'd suspect it would be a very edge case that the coords are on the fringe of the 50 caches loaded and then a simple reload of more caches would catch it. Is that accurate or am I not understanding the concern? 

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