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Cache find logs duplicated in off line list caches

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I downloaded some offline lists, but note that some logs are duplicated but without a user name.

Here's what I did:

I created some lists on Project-GC. I then uploaded them to a list on Geocaching.com. 

On Cachly I opened the on-line list I just uploaded from Project-GC, then saved to a new off-line list (full data). I then opened the offline list and refreshed the data (full data).

When I open a cache from this offline list, I notice that many logs are duplicated. The duplicates typically don't have a cachers name above it, but has the same date and log text.

I then do a "Pull down" refresh on that one cache from the main detail screen of the cache and the duplicate logs are all gone.

I would have thought that doing a full refresh on the list would have done the same thing.

Here's a picture showing the before/after look of the log files.

GCR6NG screenshot.png

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This is an issue that comes about from one of the new API's for downloading Lists. It previously didn't include the log owner information. Once you use the update cache option, that uses a different API that DOES include that data.

This will be fixed in 5.0 as those APIs have now been fixed.

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