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Auto-Synchronise Bookmarks Offline



Currently you can save any bookmarks lists (in others) in the offline tab for offline use. However, if you update your bookmark list, you need to go back and resave it again. Please add an option to synchronise automaticaly the lists so it's always up to date on both sides (If you delete a cache in the bookmark, it will delete from offline. Same thing if you delete from offline, it delete it from bookmarks, if api makes it possible)

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Not sure I understand this. A bookmark list is a container on geocaching.com that contains a list of caches. An offline list in cachly is a list of caches. You can use a geocaching.com bookmark list to create or add caches to a cachly offline list, but they are not one and the same so I don't know if an automatic sync makes sense.

Maybe there's a feature to add a cache or caches from a cachly offline list to a geocaching.com bookmark to send caches from one type of list to another.

I don't know if it makes sense to remove caches from an offline list because a cache in that list isnt in a bookmark as I often add caches to an offline list that might have inititally been added from a bookmark.  Nor would I want a cache removed from a geocaching bookmark list because it was removed from a cachly offline list.

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