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Found 9 results

  1. I’m wondering if there is an easy way to log multiple TB’s (especially when just visiting) using the same message/photos? We often are moving multiple TB’s and visiting caches. I like to write up some sort of description with pictures when possible and I love that I can select what TB’s I want to log within the cache log page but I have to copy/paste each message individually and attach pictures to each one. I would love to see an option of typing one message and having a drop down that shows all of the TB’s you have available and checking off boxes or having a toggle switch on those that you want to show that same message. Is there something like this in the works or is there an easier way to log the same message to multiple TB’s? Thanks!!
  2. Hi there. In the past I have moved one trackable to another cache and now I would like to know what places that trackable is gonna visit next. But currently it is a bit difficult. Because I am not owner of the trackable nor the person who currently has it, that trackable is not listed in trackables section. I may only see name of the trackable in my profile section -> trackables, but I am still unable to open that trackable to get more info about it. Therefore the only way to get more info about trackable (I mean trackable I had something in common with in the past) is searching for it's TB Code (which I do not remember of course). My question is: Would it be possible to make name of trackable (in profile -> trackables section) clickable to open info about that trackable? Thank you.
  3. Hi, This morning I realized the handling of trackables stopped working. Whenever the inventory of trackables is accessed (trackables in bottom menu or while logging a cache) I get an error message: "kilometersTraveled is not a supported property Parameter name: currentProperty" (see screenshot) I restarted Cachly and also logged out and back in to my GC account - didn't help. Best, David
  4. Hello, great job on cachly so far. Since cach.ly 5 trackables from field notes are not logged any more. I'm currently using Cachly 5 with iOS12.1.4 on iPhone 7 as Premium Member. This happens when I create a field note and add trackables. It doesn't matter if I visit a cache or drop that trackable. When the notes are uploaded the logs for that trackables are not created any more.
  5. Howdy Nic, One feature I'd love to have as an option in Cachly is a one-click TB visit option. I have several personal TBs I keep with me to rack up mileage, (plus I may have a few I've grabbed from other caches at any given time), and it would be awesome to have a button or switch to log all of them as having visited a cache from the logging screen, versus having to log each individually. ~Andrew
  6. I have a number of trackables items I carry with me, and would love to be able to set these up as part of a Template, so when I log a find I don’t have to also select each TB I want to dip. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to Drops. This would save a LOT of time on Big Logging Days.
  7. Since the recent upgrade, it seems I can no longer tap on the 'Trackables' heading in the cache description to see a list of the trackables currently in the cache.
  8. I've found myself looking for a specific trackable in my list of owned trackables in the app and just scrolling down and looking for it. How are they currently sorted in this list? It would be great to have options for how the list is sorted. I personally would like a sort alphabetically option.
  9. I have more than 30 trackables in my inventory. Most are owned by me. I often "dip" a trackable or two in a cache that I've found. I realized today that when I attempt to Log a Find and then click on "Trackable Drop/Visit", only 30 trackables are shown in my inventory. The heading of the page states these are "Available" trackables but I have more than 30 that should appear as available. There were several instances today when I was not able to access a trackable for purposes of "visiting" a cache. There doesn't seem to be any way of loading more trackables from this particular screen. If I look in the trackables section, the same restriction seems to be in place (perhaps the first 30 are shown) but there is an option to load more in this section of the app. Is this a bug? Or is this by design?
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