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  1. Hi there. In the past I have moved one trackable to another cache and now I would like to know what places that trackable is gonna visit next. But currently it is a bit difficult. Because I am not owner of the trackable nor the person who currently has it, that trackable is not listed in trackables section. I may only see name of the trackable in my profile section -> trackables, but I am still unable to open that trackable to get more info about it. Therefore the only way to get more info about trackable (I mean trackable I had something in common with in the past) is searching for it's TB Code (which I do not remember of course). My question is: Would it be possible to make name of trackable (in profile -> trackables section) clickable to open info about that trackable? Thank you.
  2. Hi there. I really like Cachly and especially one navigating mode that Cachly offers -that one rotating the map to correspond with my dirrection to the cache. But I have one problem. Location point is always somehow delayed to my current location (take a look at the screen shot, my real location was in fact at the end of that red line heading to Cache). Please would it be possible to fix it? Thank you.
  3. Yes, I have tried it without success. Ok, I will keep in touch with you using email.
  4. Hi Nic. I am not happy to tell that but the issue is not fixed in my case
  5. No problem Thank you for fast solution.
  6. Reinstall did not help me. I am still experiencing the issue on both iDevices I own (iPhone SE and iPad Mini Retina). Just take a look at the video. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31658558/Cachly%20bug.m4v
  7. Hi there. I have just downloaded the latest update of the app. Firstly thank you for adding Maps.me support, but I have also experienced problem with the app. After pressing More button app always crashes. Could you please fix that? Thanks!
  8. Yes, I mean for regular user. Even option to open cache description/hint it in their own official paid app is breaking their API? I hate that Groundspeak! I have been premium member, but I hate the way they behave to their customers, so I am not gonna pay for premium membership again. Thank you for the answer.
  9. Hi there. I am disappointed, I have just noticed that option to see cache description and hint in official full featured Geocaching app or in Groundspeak website disappeared. Why is it so? These features were amazing...
  10. Hi there. I would like to share 3 suggestions: 1) I think that it would be really nice if you optimized Cachly for iPad as well! For example iPad Mini Cellular is great device for geocaching due to great battery life, so optimization could be very useful. 2) I would also like to see the option to switch off gps inside the app and to set gps accuracy (totally manual or based on distance to geocache). From time to time I just wanna read something about caches etc. therefore I really do not need GPS to drain battery of my iDevice. 3) Also multi-user support would be nice... Thanks anyway for great work and the latest update!
  11. Hi there. I have tried to import a few GPX files (from Dropbox or files that were copied from another geocaching app), unfortunately app crashes everytime. I am using iPhone 5 using ios 9.2. Could you please fix it?
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