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Found 10 results

  1. The Mapy.cz navigation & maps on the App Store (apple.com) is a free application that offers tourist navigation using paths and trails. Though it has suffix CZ (Czech) it offers maps from all over the world. It would be great if I could have this app among the options to choose from the navigation apps (Waze, Maps,...). The integration could be quite simple using URI with coordinates in it, e.g. https://en.mapy.cz/turisticka?q=45.8829264N%2C122.8394261W.
  2. After starting the app, it shows the live map view. If I like to use an offline list, I have to switch to "lists" and choose my preferred list. Even if "show all results" in settings was switched to 'off' all caches are displayed. I would like to have an option that cachly stores the last viewed map including the chosen list and zoom level. If I switch lists, zoom level should be the same. Udo
  3. Just a comment. Navigation via 'maps.me' app disappeared from the list of routing providers of Cachly, probably after the last update of maps.me to version 11.0.0. I don't mind it very much, because the new look and UI of maps.me is unusable and in addition this app stopped searching according to the specified coordinates :-(
  4. Does 3D maps works or exist. The Front Pages are showing one
  5. Hello! Maps in my country has multiple tile layers for one map, for example map data are one png layer and labels are in other png layer. In applications like leaflet I can add multiple tile url under one map. Can I do the same in cachly? Thanks for answer, have a nice day!
  6. Hello Nic I am always disappointed with the speed of loading the offline maps. That's why I made two comparison videos: Video 1 shows the offline map of Switzerland Video 2 shows the same online OSM map As you can see, loading the offline map takes much longer than loading the same online OSM map! My setup: - iPhone 6 / 64GB, iOS 11.2.5 connected to WLAN - Cachly 4.0.1 / Location/Maps: Switzerland Why is the offline map so slow? When you're out in the field, it feels like forever... The main reason for me to use the offline map is that small ways are better visible. -- Dave
  7. So I am sitting in my hotel room getting ready to head to the APE Mega and I am thinking it sure would be nice to be able to upload that .gpx to either a map or even add them as waypoints inside the APE event on Cachly. This would be a great feature to add in the future. https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/ecb2364d-ae8a-48bf-b502-adae411b5ddb https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/DetailsAsGpx/ecb2364d-ae8a-48bf-b502-adae411b5ddb
  8. Hello. I'm a frequent user of Cachly and a premium geocaching member. My daughter is also geocacher but basic member. I suggested her to use Cachly. She acquired it and installed it on her iPhone. Unfortunately she can only see traditional caches on the map or on the list mode. We tried on several devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPad 3) with the same result : connecting with my account, we see many types of caches all available both for premium and basic members but reconnecting with her account we see only the traditional caches. There is no difference in our settings : only premium/basic difference. More than that : while being connected to cachly with her account, if we use filter like displaying only mystery caches, then it displays the tradi caches anyway. What could go wrong ?
  9. Hi team, I have been using Cachly for two months now coming from L4C and really like the simplicity yet functionality of this app. Purchase was definitely the right decision, no doubt. What I am missing in this app comparing it to its predecessor though is the feature that when you click on a cache on the map (regardless if live or offline), it does show the waypoints of this cache as pins, dots or any other symbol. I really enjoyed this feature as it allowed me to directly choose the final coordinates for navigation from the map instead of opening the details of the cache. Of course, additional waypoints are not showing all the time as it would simply ruin the overview but only when the cache is marked. Understand though this might be an issue of visuals as the window for the cache details is quite large. Checked the previous requests but did not find anything like this yet. Is such a feature planned? Regards, Chris
  10. I saw this app being discussed the other night on the Geocaching in Scotlland Facebook group and thought I'd give it a try I'm very impressed so far. So I went out last night to try it "in anger" as it were to put it through its paces on some semi rural caches on outskirts of city. Mostly great easy to use and clear. A couple of things I wasn't too clear on, and one feature that I couldn't work out if it was missing or I just didn't find out how to switch it on. The map tiles seemed to take a while to load, I had 4G for most of the time and 3G otherwise, this is why I chose a semi rural location on outskirts of city so I'd have a strong wifi if I couldn't work out things in app. I'm not sure why they are quicker in the Groundspeak apps but I suspect there may be some preloading/caching going on. I wonder if there might be an option in Cachly to download tiles in background when you are on navigate to cache so that when you zoom in its a smoother experience, rather than having to wait for tiles to load. This map tile thing might be solved by downloading and saving the tiles offline I thought I'd tried that but realise I'd not done a sufficiently high tile level download. On a side note whilst I've done loads of programming development work in C# on GIS systems and thus I knew immediately what the tile levels referred to, your average user might not have a clue. Perhaps a help button to explain what the tile levels are would be useful for those users. When I was navigating to the cache the only real frustration I had was I couldn't find out how to get the map to orientate to the direction I was facing. On the Groundspeak apps there is an option where you can be navigating to the cache on map view and as you turn on the spot the map turns with you so you can orientate yourself on the map. On Cachly I couldn't work out how to do this so I found my self switching to compass view then going back to map view and manually orientatng the map then navigating. I think the issue is that I really don't like navigating using the compass view I far far prefer seeing the icons for me and the cache on the map and navigating that way. For this reason I found my lack of knowledge of how to change this option a right royal pain. So much so that I was on occassions dipping back into the geocaching classic app to check I was heading the right way in the forest trails when I came to a fork in the path. I'm guessing that since both Groundspeak apps and several others on the market have this feature that I missed where it was on Cachly, or perhaps it's something that is missing and could be added as a feature. At present this would be the one and only thing that would stop me using the app. Other observations and suggestions: When caching I love the ability to write short logs with a note about anything I saw etc. A few words as a reminder for my proper write up later. I do this as a found it log and save for later. One thing that I've always thought would be an improvement to a geocaching app would be if these locally saved found it logs then marked the icon on the map to indicate I'd found it. This is particularly useful when doing a lot of caching in an area seeing the icons change as you cache is very helpful. Perhaps a green tick icon to indicate it's found but not a "found it" logged on website. I appreciate that if I actually sent the log then the icons would change however I prefer to write longer more interesting logs when I get home. So having the map update as I go is helpful so I can see if I've missed any when trying to clear out an area. Similarly seeing a DNF icon as an option whether from a past visit or this one would be handy. Perhaps a standard blue sad face for a logged DNF and a red cross for one logged but not submitted? I do a fair bit of caching wher I drive round an area stop get out and clear the caches there then move on. Driving solo point to point like this I put the phone in a holder on the dashboard and navigate so it works a bit like an in car sat nav. On the other apps I could have it so that it shows my location and cache location with the line on the map Cachly does this already. What the other app does too is to zoom in as you get that bit closer, thus as I drive closer and closer to goal the screen resizes to keep the line occupying the majority of the screen. This makes it very easy to see when you are getting closer and most importantly it means it's a hands free operation navigating closer. Thus I get to see the maps zoom in when I am getting close and can glance to see how far it is any turn offs etc. without taking my hands off the wheel. Again I assume that whilst navigating it's downloading the next level of tiles in the background so that the zooming in is very smooth. I couldn't work out how to tell the accuracy level of my GPS in the app. I've since learnt this morning that I can do that by tapping on the coordinates in the compass which is nice but again I use the map navigation, any chance of seeing accuracy figure say perhaps at top where is has cache name and Xm from your current location Ym accuracy? Anyway many thanks for the App I'm very confident I'll make it my default app. I've heard great things about how keen you are to hear from users about their experiences and get ideas for improving the app. As a fellow developer (I've written desktop apps for Family History use) I know how getting feedback from users can be a great incentive to do more and improve the app although I also know it can be a challenge too when they start demanding things I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my feedback and I've no doubt I'll be an advocate for people to use your app in future, especially at this period when Groundspeak seem to have lost their way.
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