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    Cache Entry page

    Currently my focus and a fair bit of work
  2. The Garmin gets a new GPS reading every second or two while sitting still. I'm not sure IOS does to conserve power. Maybe there is a programmatic way to force rereading GPS signals. Here is an app that does what you want. https://www.looking4cache.com/content/578
  3. I don't know how Android functions with respect to the GPS but my observation on iOS is that you can collect samples for as long as you want and if the phone is not moving, the original GPS locating is reused -- saves battery. I end up taking a reading, walking some distance away and back and take another reading. Repeat varying the direction you walk away. Averaging each separate reading is a pain so if one wanted to make it better, an averaging mode would guide you to walk away and back and put samples in a bucket that it would average when you tire of your drunkards walk.
  4. If we are both writing new sections of the wiki, we should coordinate so we dint birth write the same one in parallel. I'm working on Offline Lists. 

    1. Team DEMP

      Team DEMP

      I just saw this. I added a couple hints & how-tos. As more is added it will need to get organized in sections.   I was a little surprised Nic didn't have any content. I thought maybe he would have started with the minimal content in the app help file. 

      I'm about to head out on vacation to Italy for 2 weeks so I won't have much time after this weekend to put towards the wiki. 


    2. Team DEMP

      Team DEMP

      Thanks for checking out the More screen content I started to add in the Wiki, There are some options I'm not familiar with so it was good you added info. I asked Nic if there's a way to communicate with other wiki contributors in the wiki or maybe he can setup a new section in the forum we can post for assistance or review. 

      - David

  5. Having Cachly recall state and open where you left it would help greatly with this and other continuity issues.
  6. Cachly offline maps are rendered on your device. The OSM maps are rendered on a big server somewhere and the rendered tiles delivered to your device. An older model phone may take a lot longer to render offline (raw CPU power). The trade off is that you can get offline maps without data connectivity.
  7. Or maybe just filter on all the attributes you don't want from a list of candidate caches. Then you don't need to display the attribute.
  8. Thank you for the education. I had forgotten about the logging features as I usually don't cache with the fervor one does at a Mega. For Power Trail like caching with the right setup, a cache is logged by: Log This Cache and Send Now. You can't beat that.
  9. Having logged a lot of caches at the Yuma Mega, I got to feeling tapped out. Tap Log this cache Tap Log type Tap Found it Tap message How about from the log type screen making a long press go right to entering the message? This is almost always my flow and I suspect that of most folks
  10. Both way sync. It would behave more like Live caches were in the DB. I'm not asking fir that but this is useful to me.
  11. The TBScan app can OCR trackables, verify validity of scanned code and more. OCR is a hard problem. I've beta tested TBScan and watch it improve but it is a complex thing and you'll never get it fully accurate. I'm ok with a separate app devoted to that.
  12. Wow! That was fast. I just tried it in the new beta and I love it. Thanks
  13. Sounds great. Just add a space after each chunk of text. I often use name plus code when sending info to someone else and many taps to generate otherwise. I'll use this for sure. Re-entering the view and first long press should clear the clip I guess.
  14. Once you have the final coordinates, add them as a waypoint and tap the Is Corrected Coordinate button. Save the waypoint. There will now be a red triangle on top of the cache icon so you can spot it. However, in Live view, the Geocaching.com API only returns caches based on published coordinates. You will still see the red triangle but only if the published Coords land in your search area. The displayed position will reflect the solved location. Offline lists always show the final Coords. I keep an offline list named "Solved" where I save all solved mystery caches. I can examine it and see what is in my Tour area easily.
  15. I use offline lists to manage things like "Need to Sign", "Signed","Working On",... It would be handy to be able to see the lists a Cache belongs to as an action on the cache page. Removing a cache from a list like "Need To Sign" would be easy then vs switching to that list, finding the cache and deleting it from the list. Add to "Signed" list would use existing add to offline list.
  16. Low priority but so useful Often when listing caches to meet a challenge, you need to supply gccode, title, date found or just gccode and name. A simple append mode switch would append each thing tapped to the clipboard with a space after. So append on tap,tap,tap and I'm off to paste the result.
  17. I know you are unlikely to have URLs like the following in your email but if you should, clicking it will open the cache in Cachly. cachly://gccode=GCxxxx
  18. Geocaching.com owns the coord.info and geocaching.com URLs and so can dictate what app opens to those. Of course, they choose their own app and Apple, unlike Android, does not let you change that setting. The next best thing is to let it open in Safari and once on the cache page press the GPX button and choose Copy to Cachly
  19. Might be. I had a hang updating 2500 caches.
  20. I saw this a few days back. My suspicion is gc.com is not responding but I can't really tell.
  21. Any regex that has the first match part way into the string and not end with .* needs a .* at both ends. I just tried ^abc$ matching abc as the whole string. Adding .* to the start and the end and it still matched so this odd case that worried me is fine. It looks like if it does not start with .* then add .* to the start. If it does not end with .*, add that to the end. I believe this action will make regex work like users expect it to.
  22. Or say, if you want your regex as written, it must start with ^ and end with $. Then only add the .* when no ^$ is present.
  23. Parsing this wording carefully " MATCHES: The left hand expression equals the right hand expression using a regex-style comparison according to ICU v3 (for more details see the ICU User Guide for Regular Expressions)." and all all the examples I can find makes it seem that in this context, anything other than a complete match will fail even if I'm using the regex to see if a particular substring is present which regex users from other languages do all the time. Users will need this explained clearly or they will be puzzled as I was. I thought some about prepending .* to the start and end of the user regex. Since this matches zero or more, it might not cause a problem except if the regex has ^ and $ usage. It would magically make lots of things just work but regex's are so complex, I'm not sure there aren't edge cases this would mess up.
  24. While on the subject, a way to get saved location and Waypoint Coords in multiple formats would be helpful from time to time.
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