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  1. hm. correct, this works. But:In this case it would make sense to be able to hide some of the trackables in the list. Background: Some of my trackables are activated but will never leave my home because I have them for collecting purpose only. So for "all visited" I would need the possibility to hide some of them. On the other side: With the "automatic dip" feature for trackables with every (found-) Log, which was requested in another thread, the "hide/remove Trackable in the list"-feature would possibly be obsolete and would allow a fast and more easy way to dip-log trackables f.e. when being on a Powertrail.....
  2. Hi Nic thank you for your answer. I cannot think of a usecase for me right now but I am sure, other Cachers may have one. So, yes, synching either way makes sense.
  3. It would be very good if already highlighted Caches in Offline Lists (f.e. in "my Open Jasmer List") would automatically be highlighted in live view when loaded there as well. I assume a lookup if the cache is highlighted and do the same at loading time would do the trick. Thank you for considering it for the next release!
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