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  1. So it should work as you described and I can write that up?
  2. Both my iPhone and iPad act the same but differently from you. Here are screen caps. Maybe you can spot how we differ.
  3. Well I thought I was clear but experimentation suggests I'm not. Use case: Log Type set to Found It. Log Type Text Templates enabled. A single template with text "wwwww" checked and associated with no log type. When I try to log a cache, I get Found as the Log type and no text at all in the log message. I think I expected to get wwwww since "Setting the checkmark/default inserts the text into a log message regardless of the log type" seemed to be my situation. Is something wrong or am I still confused? I will defer writing more words until I'm sure I don't document a possible bug.
  4. I think so. I need to write some more clarifying this.
  5. This was on my "I'm confused" list. I was unclear on the interaction of the Log Defaults:Log Type default setting and the Text Templates when a log type is checked as the default. What happens when they conflict. Experimentation shows what seem oddities. Log Type: Didn't Find It Text Templates default set to Found It. Do a log and I see Text Templates Found It plus text message from there. Turn off Enable Log Type Templates and I see the very same behavior. (This seems wrong unless I misunderstand the setting) Delete the check mark from the Text Templates list and then the Didn't Find It setting finally appears. I assumed Log Type default existed before Text Templates and is there for folks who aren't ready to dive into Text Templates. Still, with two places to set the default, confusion can exist.
  6. Take a look and review. The long explanation on Settings page is now part of the Text Templates page and Settings just links to it. I added a quick link to it on the home page. too.
  7. Sure, I can write something.
  8. I've also seen it done with an image of the text.
  9. I've seen folks use "support at cach.ly" and not making it a mailto could help.
  10. You can try that. I found that they worked better adjacent but see for yourself. General layout for mobile is still to be studied I think.
  11. Here and there, you changed first screen to left screen. If the user has narrowed their screen or is on a mobile device, the side-by-side screens will likely end up one above the other. That's why I used "first" screen". I agree "left" is clearer as long as they happen to be side-by-side but that is not assured.
  12. Southern Traveler: see this other thread on sharing PQs.
  13. The changes look fine. I believe the extra legacy cache icons were already there.
  14. rragan

    Nearly Done?

    I modified the invitation to edit at the beginning of the Wiki indicating moderation will occur. I'm running low on new material that is needed. Maybe some How To's will come to as they do when using Cachly and I need to do something a bit different or when someone asks me how to do something. What next?
  15. I've noticed this. I'm guessing they are returned in random order by the API call with a certain number in each call. Pulling all of Alamogul's logs would likely cause things to crash otherwise.
  16. What was that person using when they saw this? Cachly 4.2 beta shows them at corrected coordinates. The geocaching.com app seems to work the way the FB person says.
  17. rragan

    Offline usage

    Fixed with text plus link. Good catch.
  18. rragan

    Offline usage

    Changed a bit. Check it out.
  19. Website was hammered. Server hamsters fell over in exhaustion.
  20. rragan

    Offline usage

    Live map has its own page as it has a fair bit of material that differs from Live List. Offline Maps differ little from offline list though so they share a page. I'll relook at this and at least add a section link.
  21. I added a number of tips for ways to use highlights to the How To section. I also added some more use case tips for people.
  22. rragan

    Wiki reorganized

    Those three are odd end cases and I need Nic to answer them.
  23. Filtering on recent DNFs was added to feature list during this thread.
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