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  1. I agree. They start off by saying they are nothing without their community but never consult on these types of decisions.
  2. Found in this case means find by me. There might be merit for a filter for not found by anyone, ie a possible FTF. In my view nit an important filter but the FTF chasers could find it handy
  3. I know there is a limitations on the number of downloads over a period of time. When updating on offline list (Basic data) I get a message "Waiting x seconds to make more network requests" Is that a GCHQ message or is it programmed into the app?
  4. No effect on Cachly. Already works better than what they are adding
  5. ChrisDen

    Change to API

    I see that HQ has implemented the change to the API with regard to the time zone issue. Does the current version of Cachly handle this change correctly?
  6. A State is a field at geocaching.com for most countries. The only place I have seen a list of states available is when one sets up a pocket query at geocaching.com It works be a pity if this search was only available for the US The list above is awesome.
  7. Just another take on the auto move to your current location. Is this going to be user selectable? Sometimes I need to search an area away from my location. An area we are going to and want to see what is available. You might want to go out of the app and back in at the same location.
  8. Yep. After battling to find a cache on an offline list I found that the search is case sensitive. V3?
  9. You will probably have to refresh the offline caches once they are published
  10. "This month" is good enough for me. That would be awesome.
  11. Phew - do people have that many caches downloaded. I downloaded 10 000 (all the active caches in my country) and the performance was such that I deleted them and stick to the pocket query idea where I just download the ones in the town we are spending the night in or 2 miles either side of our rute. Normally about 500 with a max of 1 000 on a long trip. As is normal when it comes to performance - a toggle to turn on and off with default off could be the answer. Any news on release dates for 2.1 and/or 3.0? The improvements in the pipeline are awesome.There is already a noticeable take up of cachly in our area, even though it is small in number of users.
  12. That is not the issue. I have a full offline list of the caches which might be a merge of twofor more lists. I have the list view (not map) when I drive. The distances to the next cache is not uupdated as you get closer of move further away.
  13. A different angle on the same issue. Is it possible for the distance to a cache in an offline list to be updated and sorted on the fly. We do a pocket query of the caches on our route when we drive somewhere. This is saved to an offline list. I like to have the list open so I can see the distance to the next cache so it would be great if that could be updated and resorts as we drive.
  14. I store all my solved Puzzles in a bookmark list and have them available offline to cover this issue.
  15. Hah. Dropbox problem. Same error when I tried to log out. Found Dropbox was set for WiFi only and I was using Mobile data.
  16. When I have pending logs that I want to export I click "other" and the Save to dropbox. I then get an error message "Couldn't Upload file. No internet connection or couldn't contact Dropbox servers" My Dropbox app seems to be working fine. Any ideas?
  17. Other than when on a trail our normal caching routine us drive to a cache, jtomcat16 out and find it and then back in the car to the next cache. Unfortunately all the metal and electronics in the car screws the iPhone compass so the heading does not match the direction you are driving. Is it possible for heading to be taken from the GPS and not the compass one you are travelling at a speed at which you must be driving eg 20 kmph?
  18. Thank you. Don't know how I missed some of that.
  19. I have some questions as a newish user. 1) Is there no manual that I can read. Every time I read something here I find a feature I did not know about. Searching here is also not an efficient way to get to answers. 2) Can you open more than one offline list at a time? I have solved puzzles in a geocaching.com list and then normally run a pocket query (without puzzles) for the area we are going to cache in so I only have solved puzzles to contend with. I would like to open two lists at once. 3) Is it possible to update the lists for finds? After a days caching I would like to remove all found caches from the lists. Else I have to delete the lists, run the pocket query agan and download again. 4) Is it possible to hide finds on the map when looking at an offline list? 5) Can you download maps when downloading an offline list. I am visiting Namibia soon. Mobile coverage is non-existent 6) If you solve a puzzle or Multi in the field - is it possible to upload the corrected coordinates to the geocaching.com website Thank you
  20. Perfect. All we need now is a dropbox option on the menu rather than finding it through the "Other" menu option.
  21. All logs. But happy to wait if it is on the to do list.
  22. Pity. I like to do a short log in the appendix then drop into GSAK, where I fresh out the log and then update to geocaching.com. The reason Geosphere is still my primary app and cachly is just the experimental standby.
  23. Cool. I assume free upgrade if I have V1
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