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  1. Hi, if you edit the name of a photo, that photo overwrites the first photo…

    1. log a cache
    2. in the message, add a photo from your library, give it a name, hit save
    3. ditto for a 2nd photo
    4. now go back into the 2nd photo and edit the name
    5. the first photo + name will be overwritten by the 2nd photo

    Cachly 3.0.3, iOS 10.3.3

  2. I've posted in the GS forums the nuisance and decreased security that having to reauthenticate every 90 days represents (https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/345370-feature-request-dont-expire-access-token-after-90-days/).

    Is there anything Cachly could do to make this less painful…

    Maybe save my password and reauthenticate automatically?

    or allow me to use Safari's saved password on the GS login screen?

  3. I think the number only goes away when Cachly is restarted, at which point it seems to correct itself but also delete any new logs created in the meantime.

    It's happened 3 times… it may be related to a log which wouldn't send — a Found against an Event, or poor cellular service.

    I've been submitting individual logs and Cachly has been fine.  I'll do that for a bit longer and maybe risk a bulk submission again B)

  4. Hi, I save most of my log entries locally (Send Log Now is turned off).

    Occasionally in the 3.x versions:

    1. after (successfully) sending the logs to GS, Cachly still shows a number against Pending Geocache Logs and on the app badge.  Maybe only on bulk submission?
    2. if I continue creating local logs, these will often (always?) disappear into a black hole after a while… maybe after Cachly is relaunched?  And the count will then be correct.

    Sorry for not having more details, but this is serious and has caught me a couple of times, so wanted to raise it now.

  5. Every new post you change what the issue is.

    You said you were on 10.3.1, now you're saying the problems started in 10.3.2  I've used both with no issues.

    Nik's replied about 'locking' the navigation screen in a future version of Cachly so accidental touches are ignored.

    You've been told how to force a recalibration, but persist in saying it can't be done.

    Sounds like your Garmin is the best option for you.

  6. Thanks Nic.

    Reasonably sure the first lot of duplicates was generated just by doing PQ imports… maybe different lists with the same caches in them triggering it?

    I was in the bush for the 2nd set, but AFAIK had reception the entire time.

  7. V3 is misbehaving for me with waypoints:

    1. waypoints are duplicated numerous times in offline lists:  first image shows the offline waypoints, 2nd the live.
    2. can't delete a waypoint… possibly because it's duplicated:  see 3rd and 4th images.
    3. Cachly seems to be overriding my waypoint name if it's corrected now?  Maybe not let the user edit the title, or overwrite the title so it's obvious?

    Cachly 3.0.1





  8. Hi, not sure if new bug or just noticed…

    Importing a new list causes Cachly to lose the sort order on existing lists:

    1. order Offline lists using Edit and dragging them to change order
    2. Import from iTunes
    3. select the file to import (in this example a My Finds zip)
    4. Choose Offline List
    5. tap + to create new list
    6. tap Save
    7. select the just created list
    8. tap Import
    9. go back to Offline lists and the order has been changed
    10. note that quitting and restarting Cachly will restore the original order

    Cachly was also crashing every 2nd or 3rd import doing this, but possibly because of the 'translated' cache descriptions I was exporting from GSAK.

    The count of caches in an offline list was also 0 or double (if reimporting), but that's been covered in another thread.

    Suggestion:  I think Cachly should combine steps 5-7:  if you're creating a new list Cachly should select it for you.

    Cachly 3.0.1 (2), iOS 10.3.2; 2 different devices.

  9. Your phone will report the same location irrespective of what app you're using.

    A phone (currently) won't be as accurate as a dedicated GPS unit, particularly under trees.  Both are bad around taller buildings.

    As well as ChrisDen's advice, you should take multiple readings over different days, mathematically average them, and use that result.

    Good luck!

  10. Nic's already told you how to recalibrate the compass:  follow his steps 1-4 above, plus the para after that.

    Are you using Navigate to Cache?  When you get close to a cache, the Compass tab is much easier to use than the Map tab.

    Apple's feedback pages are explicit that your suggestion will be read but not replied to.

    I'm sure Apple knows about magnetic and true north :lol:  Maybe you struck the wrong guy or were talking at cross purposes.  e.g. The iOS Compass app can be switched between true and magnetic north.