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  1. It is normal depending on the terrain of the region. 

    You need more than 4GB of space - more like 8GB free to download it. If you are close to 8GB free, maybe you can make sense by cleaning up message files, photos and music as they usually take up the most space. iOS also needs some free space so it might complain even when you show 8GB free. 

  2. c:geo Is not an official Geocaching partner and doesn’t follow the rules that partners like Cachly must follow. c:geo inappropriately screen scrapes the geocaching.com web page to provide their information. 

    Currently, the Geocaching team doesn’t provide a way for partners to surface that info in their application through the official interface that must be used. When Geocaching.com does provide a means to do this, I’m sure Cachly will quickly support that change. 

  3. Looks like Apple broke this functionality for many apps. I didn't pick up on any solution in that thread. Every time someone claimed it was resolved, I'd expect updating to the next iOS patch or updating another installed app that uses the file extension (eg GPX) would cause the iOS bug to resurface. 

  4. For me, if you update Cachly AFTER an iOS13 upgrade (base or patch), the GPX option was there. If you upgraded iOS13 but have not installed a new version of Cachly, the option wasn't there for GPX. Have you updated Cachly after your most recent iOS 13 upgrade?

  5. My follow-up to Nic's response is something you can consider but it is outside of Cachly using another fine tool called https://www.cachetur.no . Cachetur can do many things but specific to your situation, you would log in Cachly as normal and save as pending logs. When complete for the day with your logging in cachy, go to the Pending logs screen and Export .txt file. Send this to your yourself via email and on Cachetur, you would upload your field notes which is the .txt file exported from Cachly. This feature is more to support a traditional GPSr but the file format is the same. Once in cachetur you can apply cachetur template(s) to selected logs, bulk edit logs, etc. When completed, you can publish them to GC from cachetur. 

    Just an option to consider leveraging some other products that work well in partnership with Cachly. 

  6. There seems to be an odd behavior in updating to iOS13 related to Cachly recognizing the GPX extension. The developer has reached out to Apple to see why iOS 13 breaks this connection where previous iOS upgrades were fine.

    The situation resolves itself if you update Cachly AFTER you upgrade to iOS13 or an iOS13 patch such as 13.0.1 or 13.0.2.  If you haven't yet updated to the latest Cachly in the app store, doing so should re-create the link. If you update iOS13 (or a patch) later, it will likely break the connection to GPX again. 

  7. I use lists as my main exchange/sharing approach between applications (GC, Cachly, Project-GC and Cachetur). 

    I usually stay with using an online list until I'm pretty sure that I am done making changes but should I make a change in an offline list that I want to use online or in another app, I just send the offline caches back to the online list within Cachly. This is possible but it's not some magic background process and requires you to take an action. I need to do something similar if I use Cachetur/Project-GC and add a cache to a trip that I want included in my list. 

    Adding the same target option for online lists to an existing offline list was suggested previously and captured as a future enhancement request. 

    I think the option to have a PQ replace an existing list is something that could be done but somewhat dangerous. Imagine someone has a list that isn't just from a single PQ and they say to replace it. All the other caches are gone. Many (myself included) would say that they should understand the consequences of their actions, but we aren't the ones getting support calls from users that blew away something they can't easily recover.

  8. Geocaching.com, not Cachly, places limits on requests. These limits are on total numbers and the rate at which you can download. Cachly had to honor the limit and can't fire off concurrent requests. It could create a queue but loading caches in Live is not really a queue model. The max number, currently 100, could be increased, but then users might quickly hit their limit or put an unnecessary list on the Geocaching infrastructure. 

    You can adjust the number of caches per tap to request in Settings / Live Search and set it up to 100, if you haven't already done so.

    You might be better served by creating an online list on the GC website and then accessing the online list via Cachly, or saving the online list as an offline list. Using the right tool to get the job done might serve you better. I often use Cachly, cachetur, Project GC and the Geocaching website together as an optimal approach. 

  9. I determined one of the caches in your screen and then loaded that cache in Live view. I then kept loading more and they all loaded for me. See the screenshot below.

    You have a large number of caches loaded in your Live view screen - might you have got your daily limit of caches that geocaching.Com allows you to load? You can check by going to More in the bottom right of the main Cachly screen, then selecting Usage and scrolling down within the Usage screen.



  10. Where are you struggling to get back to the live screen from? From the mapping app you launched or a different screen in Cachly?

    If it is from the mapping app, which app did you launch and which phone do you have? You should be able to switch back to Cachly using the standard iPhone options for moving between applications.

  11. There are 2 possible answers to your question.

    1) When you start navigating to the cache, you can tap the icon on the bottom right of the map that looks like 3 stacked pieces of paper and select a different map to use.

    2) If you want to launch turn by turn navigation, once you start navigating you tap the ... in the top right of the Cachly screen and that will display the available options you have installed on your phone such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc. Your list will be specific to what you have installed.

  12. You can import a zipped GPX file into cachly today. If you have an email with the zip file, open the email and open the zip file. Tap your mail program's Share icon and you should see Cachly listed. Importing a zip and GPX is the same process. 

    If the above doesn't work for you, which iPhone mail program are you using and which step in the process stops you from proceeding?

  13. Not sure but it looks like the trail is in the premium map screen you posted. The initial screen shot appears to have a use specific style applied to a portion of the trail?  There's no current way within Cachly for you to adjust the style.  The premium maps are based on OpenStreetMaps.org and you are free to sign up and adjust the base OSM map. From a quick look, mapy.cz is also based on OSM and they might be adding additional layers?

  14. What is occurring is what Groundspeak now allows Cachly to do. Previously, the app wasn't permitted to do even this. 

    Cachly and other apps would like to provide complete message center access. Maybe Groundspeak will allow more access in the future, but for now, this is the best Cachly can offer. 

  15. 2 hours ago, TheLF said:

    When I open Cachly, the map is presented but it is showing France in the middle of the screen. To have it open to my current location, do I need to change a setting? 

    Cachly uses the GPS info from your iPhone. Are you outside with a good signal? On the main Live screen, if you tap the arrow icon in the bottom right of the map screen, it will take you to the current location. If it leaves you in France, your phone's GPS thinks you are in France.

    2 hours ago, TheLF said:

    ALSO...  It does not show caches until I press the refresh button.

    Launch Cachly and then tap ... More in the bottom right of the main live screen. Tap Settings and then enable the option for Automatic Search On Start. That will load caches when you do a search. 

  16. I'm not affiliated with Cachly but have some comments...

    2 hours ago, Steinpilz42 said:

    So I cannot use the watch app to navigate to anything else but the listing coordinate? Then the watch companion is not very useful.

    Multis aren't the norm and you have < 9% of your caches as multis. Even if currently not possible, that leaves 90% of your caches that are ok to use just the watch. Mine happens to be < 2%. I'm not diminishing multis but just posting a perspective. 


    2 hours ago, Steinpilz42 said:

    don't understand why the API has something to do with this. When I create a GPX with caches, for example using Project-GC, I'm able to include up to 100 Logs in the GPX. So Cachly have these 100 Logs and with a local list of my friends it can offer a filter method. Why not?

    I don't know if your initial request was specific that it would only be offline caches already downloaded to your phone and acting on just those offline logs. The API would be needed to interact with the Live mode and often what other cachers have requested. Offline only filtering would seem possible should Cachly choose to add this enhancement.