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  1. I problem is likely that our tile provider only creates level 17 tiles when they are requested. So, often if someone has not downloaded that area before, those higher level zoom tiles will not be available, which I realize is a frustrating problem.


    We are getting close to releasing OSM vector maps which go to zoom level 21 and will fix this issue.

  2. Two thing you could do to make this easier:


    First, when tapping on a map pin or seeing a cache in the list view, Multi's will also have an icon with two containers next to each other. Traditions only have one larger container in the icon. Next, you can tap the gear icon on the right side of the search field. This will allow you to remove Multi's from your search, or filter the search in a different way. This way you could remove Multi's altogether if you would like.


    Does this help?

  3. They seem to be working with some of the caches. But after I download all tiles, they seem to work zoomed out, but when I try to zoom in, it goes black. As though there is no tiles for that location.


    Can you let me know what the location is so I can give it a test?

  4. Hello!

    I have got the same problem. I downloaded the Cachly-apps in to my iPhone 6S. (iOs 9.3.3). When I try to log in with Facebook (as always) and I give my FB-password it asks who can see my posts. I answered that my family. After that it doesn´t go forward because there is no buttons NOT NOW / OK. I have turned off my phone many times and I have canceled the Apps and loaded again. Nothing works. What is wrong?


    Can you try creating a geocaching.com account instead of using Facebook? It seems there might be some issues with geocaching.com and Facebook that is affecting Cachly.

  5. Thanks Chris. The map callout has been redesigned and we are going to be implementing this design very soon. It will include distance, as well as favorites, trackables, etc.


    For the navigate map, I think this would make a nice Setting that could be turned on and off. Will add it to our feature list!

  6. 1) how to manage bookmarks

    2) how to search cache/personal notes

    3) Field notes are saved in the log. I expected it to be personal

    4) how to save a log as pending


    1. Unfortunately the geocaching API only allows us to add caches to a Bookmark list, but not to delete them. I hope they will add this sometime in the future so that third-party apps like Cachly can use it!


    2. This isn't currently possible. Do you mean search for only caches with personal notes?


    3. Not sure what you mean. Can you explain this?


    4. Just go to the Log this Cache screen and then turn the "Send Log Now" option off. This will allow you to save that log as a pending log.


    Hope this helps!

  7. in Australia....thought with the time/date selection option it might circumvent the GC.com issue with their 'US-centric' view on caching! haha. I also just thought it was weird the caches logged the day behind, but the TB visits didn't....


    It is weird that TB don't have the issue. I have talked with the geocaching.com developers quite a few times about this issue, but they say there isn't a fix for it. :(

  8. Hi Nic

    Yes I can do it every time. The TBs we have are our own coins which we have for this year and like to visit them to every cache for mileage.

    We write up the log then just ask for all TBs to be visited. Then we send the log. It goes through the process then goes back to the log screen as if nothing has happened. Which is where previously I have made errors and when I have gone on the web site and found that I have double logged caches.


    Would it be at all possible for me to test one of two of your coins, but using the geocaching.com staging server? This is the test server we use, and nothing from it goes Live, even if I logged some visits to your tracakable. If you are interested, please contact me through the support option in the app. Thank you!

  9. I'll post here since my question also seems to involve a waypoint issue on an imported GPX. I downloaded a gpx from opencaching.us and imported via dropbox. This is a puzzle cache so I need to add the final coords myself. When I pull up waypoints it shows that there are none, but the little plus sign i need to hit to enter my own waypoint is not there, so I can't enter the final coords.


    Could you send me the GPX file so I could take a look? Email support at cach.ly. Thanks!