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  1. 5 hours ago, Martin said:

    Has there been another update to the "Mark as found" feature. Because now I only have the possibility to copy coodinates and color mark a Adventure Lab Cache

    No, no additional updates. You are likely not seeing the option because you need to enable iCloud and iCloud Drive for Cachly in iOS Settings. Once you do this you will see the option to mark as found. :)

  2. 8 minutes ago, Beardman75 said:

    I just tried it again and discovered that if I press harder it works. It seems to need a harder press than on the map view. Sorry about the false alarm. I must’ve tried it 20 times in the last 24hrs and that’s the first time it worked

    Yes, some phones that still have the force touch feature of the screen where you hard press. Glad that you got it figured out!

  3. 6 hours ago, Beardman75 said:

    That doesn't seem to work on the list view. I press and hold and nothing happens. Eventually I remove my finger and it opens in the AL app. Works fine in map view

    Hmm, well that is strange, we haven't had this reported before. What device and version of Cachly are you using?

  4. 1 hour ago, Beardman75 said:

    How can I do this? Whenever I tap on an AL icon it takes me straight to the AL app

    Edit: just discovered I can long press the icon on the map but doesn’t seem to work on the list view

    Yes, long press on AL caches in list view or the map callout. 

  5. 21 minutes ago, Twinklekitkat said:

    It's time consuming to have to manually add them again. Am I missing something?

    You should never have to manually add them again. A few questions:

    - Do you have iCloud and iCloud drive enabled for Cachly? We use this for saving and synching the highlights.

    - In More > Highlights, use the Manually sync highlights option. This will fix all of your offline lists when they get out of sync.

    That being said, I can't replicate this issue, but will do some testing.

  6. 1 hour ago, DrDaffy said:

    Where exactly is this. I exported from Waymarkly, saved to Dropbox, imported in Cachly from Dropbox.

    400 Waymarks were imported, I can look at the "cache details", but I don't see a log option.

    You can export directly from Waymarkly to Cachly and skip saving to Dropbox.

    When you view the offline list that you imported to Cachly and view a Waymark the log button will say "Log in Waymarkly". Are you not seeing this?

  7. 5 hours ago, DrDaffy said:

    I saw that GC Droid has the ability to generate local fake found log drafts for adventure labs. By doing this they are considered found and will be filtered by "Hide my finds". Considering the current situation this is a good solution that works well.
    Perhaps Nics contact at HQ can tell him if it is worth waiting for an extension of the API or if he should bette implement a solution on his own. Right now it is quite unsatisfying. I turned Lab Caches off, because I always double checked the same Labs in order to see if it was one I finished or not, and returned to the official app to check what to do next.

    Cachly currently has the ability to mark AL caches as found, which will then filter them out using the Hide My Finds filter. Are you meaning something else?

  8. 6 hours ago, Martin said:

    Is there a way to "skip" the waiting for the response if it's taking longer than expected. And repeatedly retry the update (e.g. every 30s) until there's a positive API response?

    Yes, there is a 60 second timeout. In this case, when this happens you can also switch your phone into Airplane mode and Cachly will know you are completely offline and not try to make a connection to the API, and will save locally until it can upload later.

  9. They are different apps and I would like to keep them separate. You can however export a list GPX from Waymarkly and import into Cachly and those Waymarks will show on the map. Then it will give you an option to "Log in Waymarkly" and it will switch apps for logging.

    Premium Offline Maps are also shared between both apps.