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  1. 12 hours ago, PlasmaWave said:

    I just downloaded GC2A9HP gpx from Safari into "Files" then long pressed the file, tapped share, chose Cachly and tried to import into a new off-line list. Only difference from the screen shots I posted earlier is the on-screen message states "Importing" rather than "Processing" ... the 'wheel' is not spinning now. I do manage to import individual caches via the other means you mentioned, but it would be good if this worked too.

    I just tested these exact steps, and they worked correctly for me and GC2A9HP was imported into Cachly. Not sure how else to replicate this issue...

  2. 9 minutes ago, Geodarts said:

     I tried to set up waypoints for parking and trail information but apparently waypoints can’t be created for custom caches. I am not sure why there is a limitation on this but could the app support multiple custom waypoints in the future ?   

    Yes, this is a current limitation. Hoping to get this added in a future version.

  3. Currently geocaching.com Drafts are not shown in Cachly. Reason being, the majority of Cachly users would use Pending Logs (saved in Cachly until you are ready to submit) or if they do submit a Draft, they will finish it on their computer since they prefer the larger keyboard.

    We have considered adding it in a future version, but we honestly have never had one user ask about this until now. :)

  4. 1 hour ago, geowaters said:

    And drafts is something in Settings I can just set as default? Currently I just unclick "Send now" and "Save" the log, which only saves to the iPhone. 

    Yes, you can set the Drafts option as a log default. In a future version I hope to have geocaching.com Drafts show up in Cachly so that users can finishing them there instead of the website.

  5. 43 minutes ago, RubyShoos said:

    Just one last glimmer of hope - the ‘Personal Logs’ that I wrote won’t be cached anywhere will they?

     When I reload the AdLabs from a new gpx, Cachly remembers which stages were found, but obviously not the other data (or highlights). 

    Sadly no. Those personal notes were saved in the SQLite database. The found status for Adventures is saved in another place that doesn't get deleted.