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  1. 4 minutes ago, James said:

    As the title says, would it be possible to reference the GC code for a cache in the message to the owner? It would be quite happy when sending a photo of their cache to them for proof of find etc.

    Are you meaning when sending answers to the CO? This is something that is passed to the Message Center and should show in the message. Are you not seeing this working? If not, let me know exactly the steps you are using.

    5 minutes ago, James said:

    Also, I can’t seem to add photos to messages with Cachly? Is this something that could be looked into? 

    What isn't working? When you tap the button to add photos, does it not work? Have you somehow denied permissions for Cachly to access photos (check the iOS Settings app, then Cachly)?

  2. On 10/10/2020 at 5:07 AM, Twinklekitkat said:

    Thanks for this info. I have now figured it out for offline. Was really hoping it could be done on the live mapping.  

    No, can't be done with online filtering. Highlight colors are a feature of Cachly, and the live search is coming from the geocaching.com API, which doesn't know anything about highlight colors. So there isn't a way to return highlighted caches from the API.

  3. 1 hour ago, brudderman said:

    Many times I will message someone and like to include both code and name when asking for help.

    This can be done on the Additional Information screen. If you tap on a row of information it will save to the clipboard. Then, if you long press on another row, it will append that text to the previously copied text.

    1 hour ago, brudderman said:

    Instead of automatically copying, having the standard iOS sheet appear would not only give the option to copy, but also to send the item directly to messages, emails, Siri Shortcuts, etc., for further processing. Siri Shortcuts is very powerful, and the ability to pass parameters from Cachly would open up numerous possibilities.

    I realize this could be useful, but I also think that users would be annoyed if it showed the share sheet every time they were only wanting to copy the text.

  4. Sorry, what I wrote previously was wrong, has been a long day here...

    You were meaning Nearby and I was thinking current, sorry about that. Nearby does query the API for caches nearby your location. I will look deeper into this issue in the code to see what is going on. Thanks for reporting!

  5. 27 minutes ago, Thot said:

    As explained in my previous post, if I press on the URL I am sent to the GC cache page

    Are you sure that you are long pressing on the link? No just tapping? Please see the following video where I long press on the link:


    30 minutes ago, Thot said:

    In the capture below when I tapped Search nothing happened.  Seemed like yesterday it would say Nothing found or something to that effect. 

    I haven't ever seen any issues with searching for a GC code. Can you try something like GCD?