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  1. Hi Cachly, I received the latest update on my iPhone, release 7.1 with a great new feature of supporting Adventure Lab stages. But it's the only thing popping up, geocaches are not shown any more after this update, refresh won't help... After some testing it seems to be related to off line maps. Switching to Google or Open Street maps solved the issue. Concluding that there is a bug and it's only related to off line maps. Any advise? With kind regards, Dirk Peter Bakker
  2. Te@m Boul@nger

    Refresh functionality on the offline lists

    Check, found it, I was not expecting it there. Thanks!
  3. Te@m Boul@nger

    Refresh functionality on the offline lists

    I do not see that option ...
  4. Te@m Boul@nger

    Show multi waypoints

    Thanks for you're quick reply, I see them on the navigate to cache screen, but would like to see them when you select a cache from the main map without going into cache details screen and to navigate to screen. I was used to this while using L4C. But maybe I just have to get used to it how it is implemented in Cachly
  5. Is it possible to add refresh functionality on the offline lists, refreshing/updating all data, logs, waypoints, (updated)coordinated of the caches in the list. As a former L4C user I was used to have this functionality and it would be a great addition for Cachly in my humble opinion .
  6. Te@m Boul@nger

    Show multi waypoints

    Release 7 is already out, but where can I find this functionality? When I select, tick a multi on the map , the popup apears, but the waypoints are not shown.. In addition, I've found the toggle for showing all waypoints for all caches on the map, but I mean just the waypoints for an individual cache selected on the map...