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  1. For me it would be best if it is all in one map (one part). I just have something prepare from home, but when I'm there, I look around (live map) to see what's there besides what's nearby. I find the separation a bit unnecessary in this case... And if the live map data would bother me, I would delete it with a cross like I do now.
  2. Sometimes it happens that I'm in the second view and I go to a specific place where I want to start LIVE MAPS, but then I find that I'm somewhere else. I would like to have the map at the same position when clicked. So it would be better if the live map function could be launched from a map with saved caches.
  3. I often hunt for challenges and they have final coordinates in the waypoints. Now I have to copy them to Personal Note and set them as final from there. Setting the final coordinates should always add the coordinates to a personal note, it uses PGC (otherwise I'd have to do it manually anyway).
  4. Would it be possible to cache custom maps for offline use?
  5. I have the same problem sometimes, bud I can't replicate it. In general, maps quite often behave unpredictably. It keeps moving somehow, zooming, etc.
  6. When I'm on a trip, I use protocol templates without story text. After the trip, I want to change all the protocols back, because I already know what happened and I can describe it. Now I have to change each protocol separately :(.
  7. Hi there. I have many GPX files for LAB caches in zip file. But when i want Import, so imported only two GPX files from all. Thanx for solving issue.
  8. I hate powertrails. When I do an action over and over again, I try to think about how to make it friendlier. I'm just thinking about how to make it better.
  9. Golden scenario (3 steps): choice cache navigation log Reality: choice cache from the map/list click on the navigation button click back click on the button for logging (+ save) click back It would be better to allow logging directly from navigation, where after saving log the navigation would be canceled and I would return to the default view (map / list). The number of clicks would be reduced from six to four.
  10. OK All maps have similar behavior, and only one has different behavior. For me, this behavior is an obstacle to use. But is your app and your decision. Thank You for your time for communication.
  11. When this behaviour is only by one map, that is annoying. I would understand if it was any ordinary map. But ONLY at the premium for which I paid? This is bad UX. It is very annoying. I assumed you could fix it when it was the fault of only one map.
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