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  1. Would it be possible to have a visit all button for trackables. At the moment I think I have to go into each one and say either visit or drop. It would be nice if it could be set to automatically visit all the trackables in my possession.



    Yes, when you are logging a cache and adding trackables, just tap the ... button on the to right of the adding trackables section, and you will be able to change the log type for all of them. 

  2. Cachly uses MapQuest tiles when downloading offline maps, but we just got the word that they will be shutting this service down on July 11. They are moving to a paid model, but we still do not know the specifics of pricing for the kind of download numbers that Cachly will require.

    What does this mean for users?
    We will work with MapQuest to see if their new paid model will work for Cachly. If not, we will move to another Open Street Map tile provider, but we would no longer be able to provide satellite maps, only Open Street Maps. We will submit an update before July 11 to address this issue.
    Will offline maps that I have downloaded continue to work?
    Yes, offline maps that have already been downloaded will continue to work since they are local on your device.
    Why not just download tiles from one of the other tile services that Cachly uses?
    All other tiles providers that Cachly uses do not allow bulk downloading of their map tiles, it is against their terms of service. If we tried, we would be blocked from using those services.
    Are there other options in the future?
    Yes, Cachly will be coming out with Open Street vector offline maps very soon. This will allow users to download full countries and states for offline use in a very small file size. This will become the new standard for offline maps in Cachly since we will control the data and not a tile map provider.
    If you have any questions reach on Twitter (@cachlyapp) or contact support through the app.

  3. Haha. no that I tried to repeat it to get the steps how it occurs, I couldn't. I bet there is something I do differently with Cachly when I am in outdoors that affects the case, because it repeats very often while caching out there, but not now back home. Well, next time I happen to see the bug, I will write down the steps to repeat it and post them here.


    Thanks, yeah I have personally replicated it while in the field, but never when at my computer, which is where I need to replicate it. I have a feeling it has to do with specific trackables that have specific attributes.

  4. Further to this topic (as I couldn't create a new one)


    I think this thread, and the one requesting consolidation of lists are both good ideas. I have only recently started using cachly and it is by far superior to the official apps.


    I'd like to see some expansion to the options available with offline lists.


        (a) The ability to set up "groups". With the ability to manually add caches, as well as import GPX files and pocket queries into these groups.


        ( B) Import gpx/PQ into said groups.


    I currently run 12 PQ that cover all caches in Western Australia. They are setup by date order so the first 11 I update every so often, and the 12th I update daily (to pick up new publishings). Each morning, I update that PQ into my existing Geocaching app. This way, I have all caches on my phone in an offline state. And can basically cache anywhere at anytime without too much prep.


    Also, It would be great to have a waypoint averaging ability and the function of manually adding a geocache to a list. This would be a great tool for placing geocaches (along with the 161m radius)


    Breht (Kyzabra)


    As for not being able to create a new topic. Did you get the email from the forums and follow the link to activate your account?


    For Cachly groups, this is what Offline Lists are for. You can create them, manually add caches to them. But, like you said importing and adding PQ's to these groups would be a great feature. I will get that added to our feature list.


    To manually add add a cache to a list, go to the cache details, then tap the ... button and choose the option to add to an offline list.

  5. Not sure if this thread has been followed up or not. I just tried importing the GCA file (in both ZIP and GPX format) via dropbox link.

    It crashed both times.


    Yes, Louise and I worked for a long time getting GCA imports working. But there is still more work to do.


    I just got your crash logs. Could you email me the files so that I can take a look?

  6. Hi

    I am really liking the look of Cachly which I downloaded yesterday (and if you get Ordnance Survey UK maps, will be in caching heaven) I may have missed a Q and A on this but is the only way to save offline lists via a PQ?



    Ordnance Survey maps are coming in Cachly 1.1.4. :)


    You can save an Offline List of almost anything, including caches on the Caches screen. Just tap the ... button and choose "Save Offline Lists and Maps" which will let you save the caches to an offline list.

  7. Some caches don't container descriptions. Were you looking at a cache that didn't have one? Once you tap the Basic version button, and hit ok, it will load that cache and then allow you to tap the Description row on that screen to show the cache description.


    Limited to returning Traditional caches is another geocaching.com limitation, not Cachly's. It means that as a Basic member you can only load Traditional caches. Multi's, Mystery, etc won't show up unless you know the GC code, or are a Premium member.


    Sorry about these restrictions, we are just having to follow the rules imposed by geocaching.com.

  8. Have you tried tapping the "Basic Version Loaded" button to load the full cache? Is there an error or warning that is shown?


    Yes, Cachly is still useful to basic members. But, by the very nature of how geocaching.com does their Premium memberships you will get much much more out of Cachly (and all other Geocaching apps and geocaching.com) if you are a Premium member.

  9. Thanks! This is a know bug that has been in Cachly for a while now, but so far I have been having a very very hard time replicating it. I can log trackable every which way but I cannot replicate it.


    Are you able to outline the exact steps that you took to make this happen? Thanks!

  10. This looks to be a product of the number of caches that you are trying to download maps for. When downloading just around cache radius for 1000 caches that is going to be more tiles than not downloading around caches.


    If you did start the download duplicate tiles would NOT be downloaded.


    Vector offline maps are coming, so stayed tuned for this.

  11. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the prompt reply and will look forward to the vector maps.

    Be interested to see where you get with Ordnance Survey but I will say one thing, you get that sorted and I guarantee you WILL crack the UK market!!

    Regards, Stucuk.


    :)  Thanks!

  12. Currently MapQuest maps are the only offline map provider that we can use as their licensing allows for bulk downloads. All other map providers do not, so at this time we cannot provide Open Street or Cycle as download options.


    However, OSM vector maps will be coming to Cachly in the near future which will allow you to download entire countries and states.


    Will look more into Ordnance Survey and get back to you. Thanks!

  13. I was going to post a Feature Request, but realised this topic was exactly what I was looking for.  I'm continuing to put Cachly through its paces, and am still very impressed.


    I too usually want the 'heading follow' mode, and it is a little irritating to have to repeatedly set this mode.  It's a pity that you can't set a preferred mode, or even default to 'heading follow'.  


    I'm also having some problems with pinching. If done carefully, then fine.  However, if the map is moved just a fraction, then the little pointer reverts to white arrow at 1 o'clock (or 1:30 :) ). So quickly try and set back - then my finger keeps missing the arrow and selecting 'more' by mistake.  Grrr.


    A thought regarding the iPad Air.  If wifi-only, then no gps receiver.  Could that be a factor?


    I am looking deeper into the issue to see if it can be fixed. Thanks for letting me know!