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  1. 2 hours ago, Electric Water Boy said:

    That's why I'm thinking it was just taking longer loading an Offline PQ.

    But on startup Cachly doesn't load Offline PQ automatically. So that can't be the issue.

    I think I have found what is going on and will have my beta testers try it later today.

  2. On August 6, 2016 at 7:22 AM, BernieH said:

    Will this include opening the links emailed from cache notifications directly on my iPhone? The only option currently is direct into a browser to the cache page and it sucks!

    Sorry Bernie, for some reason I was never alerted about this reply.

    No, this wouldn't be possible because Groundspeak owns the the coord.info domain, and without being the owner we cannot open those links in Cachly. :(

  3. 1 hour ago, ady73 said:

    First i want to thank you for your brilliant app and your good support.

    Users should be first!

    1 hour ago, ady73 said:

    Do you have an update about the safari extension fot cachly? 

    We have not started work on this feature yet as our we are working on many other features in 2.0. Hopefully we could add it soon.

  4. 2 hours ago, Electric Water Boy said:

    I had an issue weeks ago that was taken care of with reinstalling.  Something weird had happened in updating.

    I thought I had another this weekend as it was taking what seemed like forever to load up and run.  But once going it ran fine.  When I got home I found the issue to be an offline PQ.  So I just need to remember that when using an offline PQ (or whatever it's called), that on my phone it takes a little longer to load up.

    Supposed to be upgrading phones sometime in the near future, so maybe that issue will go away for me.

    When you had issues, it was during startup? I want to make sure to try to get to the bottom of this, even if it isn't happening anymore.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Justustwo said:


    At the moment it crashes no matter what I do. I was at the time trying to access a saved local list but since your post I have tried just as it starts the app to access a random cache and it crashes. I have made a video but don't know how to upload.


    Could you email the video to support@cach.ly?

  6. 1 hour ago, Justustwo said:

    Thank you for quick response. Our username is Just-us-Two. The app is installed on my iPhone 6 and it's on 4G or wifi happens on both. 

    The app starts and initially I can operate it. Select offline list etc then the app freezes for several seconds before crashes returning me to start screen. 

    Can I assume that it always crashes when you have tapped an offline list and it is trying to load the map?

    Looking in our error logs I am seeing your crash so I will get working on fixing it. 

    Is this an Offline List that you could share with me, such as a bookmark list or PQ? If not, how did you create it? I want to try to replicate it on my system.

  7. Very sorry that this is happening!

    We have not seen this issue before and have not had any other reports of this happening, so I want to get to the bottom of it. A few questions:

    • What is your GC username?
    • Does it always crash on startup? If not, did it consistently crash in one spot in the app? Where?
    • Are you offline, on Wifi or cell data?
    • What iPhone do you use?

    Thanks, and again, very sorry about this issue.

  8. 10 hours ago, buti-oxa said:

    I am happy to see cache note there in the beta version!

    I am not crazy about the fact that instead of "a preview of that note" I got directly into the edit mode that popped up the keyboard and ate half the screen - inconvenient with longer notes.

    But maybe you meant the first words of the note that fit after the "Cache Note" on the main screen. In my cases, this was never helpful and often looked like a bug: what are those characters do there? I am looking at one cache now, and the line reads:

    Cache Note WP1 = N47... >

    Not sure this feature is worth the clatter is adds.

    Talking about clutter, the distance to the cache is often wrong (zero) and never helpful to me. I see why it is useful in list view, but otherwise...

    The major reason you see a preview of the text after the "Cache Note" label is so that you know you have entered text in there. That is the reason. It is a visual way, other than the icon to see the text. I do not think it detracts in any way and is only an advantage.

    I have never seen the distance be wrong either. Can you replicate this?

  9. I agree. In our new 2.0 version (currently in beta) Personal Cache note has taken new prominence. First, a new icon is shown on the map callout, list view and cache details view if that cache has a cache note. And, the Cache note has been moved into the list along with Description, Hint, etc. If there already is a cache note it will show a preview of that note.

    I think you will be happy with how it works. :)  If you are interested in beta testing it and giving me feedback, just contact support through the app and let us know.

  10. 26 minutes ago, ciarmer said:

    I was out caching today and using Cachly as I'm trying to get used to it. Unfortunately, I thought I had the most recent version so I still wasn't able to upload pending field notes in bulk. I've now installed the most recent version. Has this issue been addressed yet?

    One of the bugs that exists in the previous version (and may still be there in the current version) is when field notes are accumulated and not logged at the time of creation, a problem arises in the Find Count if one uses the *Find Count* variable as part of the field note text. As an example, if you start the day with 100 finds in your profile and you find three caches during the day and you have accumulated three field notes for those finds, when you upload the logs (one by one) as field notes, each one of them has Find number 103 in its text. Looks like a bug to me. But any input would be welcome.

    Bulk uploading will come in our 2.0 version.

    For the find count keyword, it is a tricky thing to keep working since there are many ways that logs can get created: Create log, save Pending Log to device, submit field note to geocaching.com. Field notes on geocaching.com could then be deleted later, further throwing off the number.

    So, we are working on the issue any trying to get it working correctly.

  11. 30 minutes ago, ciarmer said:

    Just as an FYI .... I'm not sure how they do it, but both GSAK and Geosphere identify caches with corrected coordinates when pocket queries are downloaded. In addition, both the original and the corrected coordinates become part of the cache's data.


    We will be fixing Cachly to work this way in 2.0. :)