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  1. This was actually very easy to add, so it will be included in the next small update.
  2. As @Team DEMP said, if you are using the live map, Adventure Labs are off by default. You can turn this on in Settings.
  3. Please email to support@cach.ly. Thanks.
  4. Können Sie mir Ihre Cachly.sqlite-Datei senden? Das ist die Datenbankdatei und ich kann sie möglicherweise reparieren oder Ihre ausstehenden Protokolle herausholen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter https://help-cachly-com.translate.goog/article/49-backup-entire-database?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=de&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp Sobald wir diesen Schritt getan haben, können wir herausfinden, wohin wir als nächstes gehen sollen.
  5. Was genau funktioniert nicht? Stürzt Cachly ab, wenn Sie es zum ersten Mal laden?
  6. I would need some more details. Do you have the GC code?
  7. This is something that I hope to add in a future version.
  8. Your iOS text size setting controls this, but I can do some adjustments to help with this. Will work to fix in next version.
  9. I am exploring this idea and will get this added soon.
  10. Are you logged into iCloud and have allowed Cachly to use iCloud?
  11. You can create as many templates as you want and insert them into your message by tapping the … button and choosing inset text template. Does this help?
  12. Thanks for the report. I will try to get this resolved as soon as possible.
  13. That is good to hear. I do think you are right about memory. I will do some more testing with one of my older test phones.
  14. When you were updating and the app was upgrading, did you stop the database upgrade process?
  15. If you do not need the offline images and backups, you can delete those folders using the Files app. Remind me what iPhone you are using?
  16. Thanks for the suggestion. At this time the geocaching.com API that Cachly uses does not have an option for this.
  17. No, we have no reports of this. What map are you using? Does this happen with other map types?
  18. Thanks. I got the file but have not been able to investigate yet. You will be fine to update to 8.0.3.
  19. In 8.0.3 users who previously purchased offline maps can now download and use pro maps without a subscription. This is a policy change, so if you purchased maps previously, and bought a new maps subscription and are not wanting to continue it, please contact me. Although I would encourage users to support through subscriptions as it greatly helps with server costs and allows continued development.
  20. Great suggestion. I will give it some consideration!
  21. Quicker way. In 8.0 you can download the .zip right into Cachly using the API. Go to Settings > Imports & Pocket Queries, scroll to the bottom and turn off the full data option. Then you can go back to the PQ screen and download them all quickly. Next you can update those offline lists to full cache data if required. Hope this helps.
  22. Hi, can you let me know what you mean by you can't get into the program? Can you post some screenshots? Thanks!
  23. Can you send me the My Finds GPX that you are importing so I can test? support@cach.ly
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