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  1. Please feel free to reach out right away when you have issues like this. This particular error is likely caused by you having "full cache data" and loading 100 caches at a time. In Settings, change that to 70, and do not use full cache data unless you need to, it makes the API pretty slow.
  2. I would need to regenerate the topo maps and hillshades to provide more detail, but not sure when I will get to that. what are the coordinates for this location?
  3. No worries. There are some bugs that have arisen that we didn't catch in development, but I am working hard to get these fixed in 8.0.2.
  4. You can just delete the Antartica map and that will free up your space. The reason you are seeing it is that in the past, you must have download Antartica and it failed to uncompress (likely because the download was in the background) and was hidden in your filesystem. Cachly 8.0 will uncompress these and place these in your maps folder so that you have the option to remove them or leave them. Let me know if deleting it clears up space for you.
  5. Can you email support@cach.ly please.
  6. I would like to be able to take a look inside of the offline maps folder, but there is no way to do that without building in extra code and having you install a beta version. Would you be willing to install a beta?
  7. Yes, this is not normal. How long have you had Cachly installed?
  8. Do those areas have elevation change? If so, they should show topo lines.
  9. Creating a backup inside the app is just for GPX files. The docs describe how to backup the database. Did you backup the database file? Was there a specific reason why you deleted Cachly?
  10. That is correct, if the maps are geographically far apart then you will see overlapping map elements, especially ocean features.
  11. Hints do not allow HTML. Do you have a GC code for the cache in question?
  12. Hi @BassXX. I am sorry that you feel cheated about the new subscription model. As others said, it was done out of necessity because Cachly was losing money on the great cost of offline maps and the pay once model was not paying for the infrastructure costs. Shoot me off an email at support@cach.ly and we will make it right. Hope you have a good day.
  13. Hi Dave, shoot me off an email to support@cach.ly and we will get this worked out.
  14. Nic Hubbard

    Cachly Pro

    Access any Pro feature and it will show the dialog. Go to More > Counties and it will show the subscription dialog. Hope this helps.
  15. Please update to 8.0.1 as this has the bug fixes.
  16. What are the coordinates here? These might be tagged as a different trail type in Open Street Maps. Trails and paths do show in Cachly a low zoom, so that is why I want to check these specifically.
  17. When was your map file download?
  18. I don't use the old Field Notes dialog on geocaching.com, but the new Drafts. But yes, once you submit the log and use the Drafts option it will show up on geocaching.com.
  19. In Cachly you would use the "Save as Draft" when creating a log in Cachly. Draft is the new name for Fiend Notes. Hope this helps!
  20. Are you meaning how do you create a Draft/Field Note in Cachly?
  21. The website just downloads a .zip file. Cachly downloads full cache data. In 8.0 downloading the .zip will be an option.
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