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  1. Nic Hubbard

    move offline geocache list

    Yes, view the offline list. Then tap the ... button and choose "Add to List". Choose the caches you want then at the top switch to "Online" where you can save the caches to an already created list or create a new one.
  2. Nic Hubbard

    Downloadable maps for French Guiana and Guyana?

    Will get this added.
  3. Nic Hubbard

    Map slowly wanders all over the place when location jumps

    Do you have a way to replicate this?
  4. Nic Hubbard

    move offline geocache list

    You can either save them to an Online list which is saved to geocaching.com and can be accessed on both devices. Or, you can export a GPX and import that into your iPad.
  5. Nic Hubbard

    Challenge Checkers

    Were you meaning integrate with Project GC to include their checker in Cachly?
  6. Nic Hubbard

    Offline list - Merge vs Move?

    Move would move caches from one list to another, just like moving files from one folder to another on a computer. Merge will do the same thing but remove the offline list that the caches were moved from. This is done by tapping the ... then choosing Sort. This will allow you to drag the lists in a different order or use the sorting options.
  7. Nic Hubbard

    BUG: date/time stamps when crossing timezones

    Hmm, this sounds like a harder one to test. Will dig into it.
  8. Nic Hubbard

    Reunion Offline Map not working

    Yes, still on my list to update.
  9. This is expected behavior. Lab caches do not have a difficulty, so when you apply a filter like that, it excludes labs.
  10. Nic Hubbard

    What do these 3 dots mean?

    This means there are more cacehs to load. If you don't move the map, and continue to tap that button, it will load more and more caches from your initial search.
  11. Nic Hubbard

    Bug in release 7.1? only Adventure Lab stages showing

    Yes, it looks like this is affecting offine maps. Working on a fix.
  12. Nic Hubbard

    Reunion Offline Map not working

    Thanks, will work to regenerate this map.
  13. Nic Hubbard

    Have a legend for the map

    We don't have an updated page at the moment. Do you have a screenshot of what you are wondering about?
  14. Nic Hubbard

    Friends not showing

    Please see our help article about this: https://help.cachly.com/article/34-why-dont-i-see-all-of-my-geocaching-com-friends-in-cachly
  15. Nic Hubbard

    Apple Watch Complication

    I have considered some options like this, but currently the focus is to use the watch complications as a launcher for the watch app.
  16. Nic Hubbard

    Images won't download for offline lists

    Can you send an email to support@cach.ly with the GPX file so that I can look it over? Thank you!
  17. Nic Hubbard

    Double log detector

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  18. Nic Hubbard

    Who to make the app smaller

    Hmm, that is strange!
  19. Nic Hubbard

    Who to make the app smaller

    In your specific case, I am not sure. Offline maps are the only thing that would take up that amount of space. The last resport is to delete Cachly and install again, making sure to backup your offline lists.
  20. Nic Hubbard

    Who to make the app smaller

    iOS might not updated the usaged without a restart. I would restart your phone then check again.
  21. Nic Hubbard

    Who to make the app smaller

    What does your Usage screen show? Cachly should never take up that much space without offline maps. Maps are the #1 source of large data sizes in Cachly.
  22. Nic Hubbard

    Reverse Wherigo Solver?

    No, there are 1000 other important things that are priority before this.
  23. Nic Hubbard

    Bulk changes offline logs in Logs queue

    Are you meaning in Pending Logs, you are wanting a way to bulk insert log text into all of the pending logs?
  24. Nic Hubbard

    LABs GPX in ZIP file - import issue

    Only one file per .zip is supported. You will need to import the GPX files one at a time, or have one GPX compressed in the .zip.
  25. Nic Hubbard

    Internal server error

    It is a server side bug. So a change that Geocaching HQ made to their API (not sure what) is now triggering the 500 error when full cache data and 100 caches are requested.