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    Labcaches in Cachly?

    Ok, thanks Nic. Looking forward to seeing Labcaches in Cachly!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Filters for ticked and DNF

    Thank you for these great suggestions!
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    I use highlights extensively. I love the new ability to rename them. For example, a few of mine are: orange - solved puzzles blue - challenges purple - lab cache finals light blue - Earthcache green - oldies You get the point. Some caches I’d like to have in more than one group. They are oldies that are solved puzzles. Or some other combination. I’d like the ability to assign more than one highlight to a cache.
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    Map refresh

    The only reason I still have the main geocaching app on my phone is when planning routes I can pan around on the map and as you pan, the map updates with more geocaches. On Cachly you have to keep refreshing the map to load more. I do know that you can increase the amount visible, but would it be possible to have the map auto-refresh like the geocaching official app does? Thanks, James.
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    Per my comment in another similar user question, L4C has a 'live rolling' feature that I found very useful when driving ... good to know what caches are close to your route. So the map would be set to follow my location, with caches appearing and disappearing as the map moved. I hadn't realised there was a TP partner limit on number of caches BUT never experienced any problem when using the L4C feature on a journey. It would be really useful to have this as a selectable feature in Cachly.
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    Bad maps layers

    Brilliant feature for quickly changing between recent/regular maps ... to change between say premium and OS (which is at the bottom of the full list) I had to scroll way down ... very easy to change between my regular maps now! Many thanks and still discovering Cachly features by the day!!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    I would be interested in building this. I put in an application for the CarPlay program to Apple probably a year ago, but have not hear back. You can’t even start development without approval and some special files they provide.