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    Filter for draft finds

    Cachly marks found caches with a tick when you submit a draft find. Would be handy if there was a filter to show just these caches — then after submitting the logs I could see and refresh those caches on both devices.
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    Bermuda Offline Map

    Just FYI to anyone who reads these forums and may be going to Bermuda. The offline map is the bomb. It shows you every bus stop so if you want to get off the bus anywhere on the islands, use the map and look at the bus stops. You'll know exactly where to ring the bell and where you will be dropped off. You'll look like a pro and not a tourist having to ask the driver to drop you off at such and such. It then gives you the freedom to explore anywhere on the islands because you can then look again to see where the bus stop will be to get back on the bus.Of course, you will still need to know which bus number to take as well as where to transfer if going off the main routes but this makes it so much easier!
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    I sent a video and details to Nic via PM.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Double log detector

    Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    FEATURE REQUEST: Add a small semi-transparent compass to top corner of map screen when navigating to a cache or waypoint. We have discussed this before ... see "Looking4Cache" method - preferably, like L4C, the compass would be user selectable: 1. show or hide 2. small or larger 3. adjust level of transparency
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    Check, found it, I was not expecting it there. Thanks!
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    Make sure that you are toggled to show the map instead of list view.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Switching coordinates

    Yes, will hoping to get this added.