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    Add Cache Note to Pending Log

    Just tried it. OK, now that is cool! I didn't need to initiate any kind of an upload or anything else. It's practically immediate.
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    Adding WP with projection

    I just started to use Cachly, used L4C previously, like Cachly better! Thing missing for me is the option to add a WP (while doing a multi f.e.) based on a projection (giving bearing and distance). in L4C you can add a WP where you pick the point from which you want the projection to be calculated ( incl. other already stored WPs or current location), give bearing and distance and it will calculate and create the "WP+1" for you... I hope you understand I am asking for More then happy to explain in more details! thx!
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    Corrected coordinate entry

    Most often my corrected coordinate is not in separate Lat and Long parts. Rather it looks like N37° 23.212' W122° 16.922. That's typically the format Certitude wants for validation and the format it writes to the personal note for you. It is a pain to take the two parts and spin the wheels to enter the value for the two parts. Entering the full form would help a lot I know this means you would have to parse a coordinate in one of several possible formats but logic to do this need only be written once and there are several places in the app that can then take advantage of that code for other features.