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GSAK Import


I'd love to be able to import my GSAK database directly into Cachly.

Since both use SQLite, transforming data directly from one database to the other should be possible. Without exporting GPX from GSAK, importing it into Cachly and putting it back into an SQLite database.

It is possible to use GSAK databases in e.g. L4C.

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Not speaking for Nic or Cachly, but the answer would be no. 

GPX is the industry standard data exchange format. There's no consistency between any 2 application databases regardless of the underlying database whether it's SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc. Data structures in databases used by applications are specific to every application.

Even if the request was to move between 2 Cachly databases, GPX would likely be used since to support multiple versions of Cachly, each which might be running a different version of the application and therefore a different version of the application data structure.

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