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Importing a file resorts Offline lists

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Hi, not sure if new bug or just noticed…

Importing a new list causes Cachly to lose the sort order on existing lists:

  1. order Offline lists using Edit and dragging them to change order
  2. Import from iTunes
  3. select the file to import (in this example a My Finds zip)
  4. Choose Offline List
  5. tap + to create new list
  6. tap Save
  7. select the just created list
  8. tap Import
  9. go back to Offline lists and the order has been changed
  10. note that quitting and restarting Cachly will restore the original order

Cachly was also crashing every 2nd or 3rd import doing this, but possibly because of the 'translated' cache descriptions I was exporting from GSAK.

The count of caches in an offline list was also 0 or double (if reimporting), but that's been covered in another thread.

Suggestion:  I think Cachly should combine steps 5-7:  if you're creating a new list Cachly should select it for you.

Cachly 3.0.1 (2), iOS 10.3.2; 2 different devices.

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