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So as a total newbie I'm probably going to make a complete fool of myself but here goes. If it isn't already there on the app and I haven't found it, could there be a facility for an in-app notebook to jot down your workings out for multi-caches? Just a thought. Apart from that and I haven't even scratched the surface, this app is wonderful and knocks any other caching app into a cocked hat, including the old and new GS apps. Sorry, did I say old? I meant "classic". This is a bit like calling food items "fun size" when they're really too small to sell in other way! 

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Just be careful if you go to edit the notes on a web page. For some reason, the web page limits the total number of characters and truncates any excess when saving. Apps can store much longer notes without any trouble via the API. An extra long note can be viewed on the web but don't try to edit it there or you will lose data. 

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