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  1. Not speaking for Nic or Cachly, but the answer would be no. 

    GPX is the industry standard data exchange format. There's no consistency between any 2 application databases regardless of the underlying database whether it's SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc. Data structures in databases used by applications are specific to every application.

    Even if the request was to move between 2 Cachly databases, GPX would likely be used since to support multiple versions of Cachly, each which might be running a different version of the application and therefore a different version of the application data structure.

  2. There are a couple of ways to get your friends cachly the same data. If you're not manipulating it further in Cachly and just want to load the same PQ you downloaded from the geocaching.com site, create a new email to your friend and attach the PQ Zip file you can download from Geocaching.com. When she gets the email on her iPhone, she should be able to open the email/attachment. I use Gmail and when I open the attachment it shows there's a zip file and the size but shows the Share icon in the bottom of the gmail program. Click Share and she should see the standard iPhone share window and "Copy to Cachly" should be listed though she might have to scroll. If she clicks that, Cachly should launch and then will display the Import GPX screen in Cachly where there is some fine grain options. 

    Does that do what you need?

  3. It would also be helpful to diagnose this if you provide a little more info for each step.  You created a PQ from a route on Geocaching.com. PQs are specific to your account so no one else can access them directly from Groundspeak. Now a PQ that is downloaded to your computer or iPhone can be shared as a zip or GPX file and this is where you need to provide some specifics. 

    You posted: I tried exactly the same function and tried to download the PQ to my friends iPhone 6S and NOTHING! 

    Is your friend using Cachly or the official app? Is your friend using your Geocaching.com account or do they have their own? Were they downloading it from the geocaching.com site or did you sent it to them via email, dropbox, etc?

  4. 4 minutes ago, hidegoseek said:

    I've never had any luck with the highlight feature.  The highlights always disappeared the next time I opened Cachly. 

    I don't often use it but it seemed to work for me. I just tried it again and opened an offline list, highlighted a couple of caches, went to live view, went back to the list and they were still highlighted. I closed cachly and relaunched Cachly, selected the offline list and the caches still retained highlighting. I opened a cache, refreshed it from the live view and it still maintained the highlight. 

    Is this reproducible?

  5. Like @ChrisDen I use PGC but a different workflow, leveraging virtual GPS & bookmarks to exchange data.  I create a bookmark list on geocaching.com and a virtual GPS on PGC. I load up the virtual GPS and when I'm done, export to the bookmark list. Open cachly, retrieve the bookmarklist and save offline. 

    If geocaching.com would allow the creation of a bookmark list via API, I can probably save a step or two. 

  6. @rustywa - if you were around a few months ago, some of the folks that replied in this thread were pretty tough on needed enhancements to replace their beloved Geosphere app functions they relied on. It's hard once you are used to an effective process to switch. I haven't popped over to the Geosphere forum lately to see how much complaining there is about Cachly not being Geosphere but I chuckle with how folks are sometimes whining about the tremendous effort the Cachly developer puts towards meeting their needs while they continue to complain. It got to the point where when a thread started here with "In Geosphere.." I just ignored it. :-D 
    Anyway, it might be pretty tough to come up with an optimal solution for this for 2 reasons:
    1) A source of info to use to determine the needed D/T combinations for each upcoming loop
    2) Calling geocaching.com via the API for a series of D/T combinations which might not be a contiguous range. It might require calling geocaching with the lowest D/T combine through the highest D/T combo and then filtering out on the client end to limit to just what is needed on the nth loop.  This would cause a large number of cache requests to be made where possibly many are discarded.

    As an example of #2, if you needed a 1/5 and a 5/1 as the remaining D/T combos for loop 12, the request would either need to be each unique combination or 1/1 through 5/5 and filter out the 79 D/T combos that didn't matter. if you go with unique calls for each D/T needed in the nth loop, you could make between 0 or 1 or 81 requests per loop. 

    Maybe there's a sexier way to do it but these seem the obvious approaches. 

  7. Nic - Not sure of your GC profile so I used rragan (congrats on find #5000) as that should work for you and look the same for me when I describe it. Regarding this specific thread, I'm not interested in it being handled in Cachly but wanted to explain this. 

    If you go to https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=744a4c8e-9c58-4e68-bb57-62576570320a&tab=stats#profilepanel you should see rragan's profile & stats. When you view this page, scroll down to the Difficulty / Terrain grid which is 9x9. A goal is to fill the grid out by finding at least 1 of each of the 81 squares that cover every combination of difficulty/terrain ratings. 

    The grid shows the # of caches found in each combination. Completing the "challenge" would show at least 1 cache in each square. "Looping" is finding all 81 x2, x3, x4, etc. If you look at the grid for rragan when I posted this response, you'd see that each square has at least a 2 in it, so he's found all 81 twice. To find all 81 x3, he'd need to log another cache in every square D/T combination that currently shows a 2.

    You can easily see the next "loop" but what was requested in the initial post is to look beyond the next loop and look at ones that are in loop+1 & loop+2. 

  8. The Geocaching web site had issues throughout the day yesterday. It impacted their site as well as 3rd party applications like Cachly. What you experienced, if occurred during that time, was caused by the Geocaching site problems. 

    N/A for usage is displayed if you (Cachly) haven't issued a query that reopens that info or Cachly is unable to retrieve the info from the Geocaching site.

  9. There are many cachers that were geosphere users so you might get a more complete answer from them if I misunderstood your friends request. In an upcoming release, the developer will be adding support for multiple templates to select when creating a log. This sounds like what she's looking for, so you/she didn't overlook that function. 

    Maybe a ex-geosphere user here knows a trick/workaround?

  10. When you open the GPX and it launches Cachly, you are looking at the Import GPX screen? Is this where Import in the top right isn't enabled? The first option on that screen is Choose Offline List and you need to select an offline list to load the GPX file into and then it should enable the import option. Have you done that?

  11. Whats a GC code that has this? Will help understand what exactly you are reporting.  I thought geocaching removed the in-log ability to show suggested new coords. Still supported is the ability to update your own view of the coords though no one else could see that. You'd do that by enabling (shows as green) the Corrected Coords setting for a waypoint you added. 

    Did you log direct from Cachly to the geocaching site or did you create a draft and then log from the draft?

    I logged 27 or so finds last weekend, all using draft approach, and none show any coordinates. 


  12. 2 minutes ago, Sailaboat said:

    Then I saw a PBS segment about "noodling" in the Southern East rivers of the U.S.  These guys called the activity of jumping out of a skiff in very turbid rivers swimming along the shore, feeling your way with your hands, and finding an underwater hole, shoving your hand in.  If there was a large catfish in the hole it would bite onto your hand, you'd pull out your hand and flip the catfish into the skiff => noodling!!!!

    I've seen that show too on catfish noodling with your arm in a hole - no thanks!. :-D 

    Maybe Nic or others have some ideas what might have occurred and have additional suggestions should you experience it again. 

    When the diehard "G" users come to Cachly, they usually bring a flurry of how things work in the app they've used for years. Just need to re-learn how to do things in Cachly or alter your approach to leverage what is supported. I never used the "G" app as I got started in 2003 are there were no apps and after taking a many year break from caching and checking the options, "G" was already not being supported so I didn't even give it a test run. I have popped over from time to time to see what "G" users are saying in their forums about the app as well as Cachly.  I couldn't use the official app because at the time it didn't support showing corrected coords so it was useless when attempting solved puzzles but I sometimes use it for any messaging which isn't available to 3rd parties and if I want to run a live view loading in hundreds/thousands of caches vs decrementing against my daily limit by repeating the load process in Cachly's live view.

    Good luck! 

  13. @Sailaboat - Just noodling what you reported, I wonder if your phone at the time was using the cell towers for location and not using the GPS. When you lost service, the phone/app didn't have the GPS signal. I know you indicated you then launched the "G" app and it worked, but you didn't report if you closed down Cachly and relaunched it during the time you were playing with it? 

    Did you try going to airplane mode for a minute and then turn off airplane mode? I sometimes need to do this with Waze when it gets whacked out and closing/relaunching doesn't help. 

    I travelled 380 miles (611 km) yesterday and used cachly & waze for 12 hours and even the official geocaching app at times for a live view if I went someplace I didn't originally plan. The only app I had an issue with was Waze twice when it wouldn't calc a route or showed "searching for network..." when I had a full cell signal and closing it, going to airplane mode for 1 minute and then relaunching it resolved the issue. Just closing and relaunching didn't help. 

  14. I log the same way even if I have a good signal while out caching. I batch upload the logs once I'm home on wifi, but I've not experienced the issue. Yesterday I had 22 logs, some with pictures and it worked as expected. 


    If I have more than 5 or 6, I export the txt file and mail it to myself as a backup. I've never needed it but I did that as a precaution when the functionality was first released in beta and just continued.


    I hope the cause gets identified for you. 


  15. Around my home location (Northern NJ) it's hard not to have service anywhere. When I was traveling in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico for 2 weeks the 2nd half of June, I experienced extended periods of no cell service and didn't have an issue whenever using Cachly. 

    Do these users experience the same behavior if they put their phone in airplane mode?