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  1. Nic Hubbard

    Comments in auxiliary waypoints

    Thank you!
  2. Nic Hubbard

    Comments in auxiliary waypoints

    I would need to do some testing with the specific GPX file. Can you send it to support@cach.ly?
  3. Nic Hubbard

    weird thing with encrypted log

    Thanks, will look into this issue.
  4. Nic Hubbard

    Opening screen view.

    Strange. I suspect it comes down to GPS issues.
  5. Nic Hubbard

    on map: target line does not terminate at my position

    This is still just a product of the maps themselves controlling the movement of the current location indicator. We are looking into using our own in the future.
  6. Nic Hubbard

    Error message that keeps popping up.

    Look at your search filters and turn off the map bounds option. That option only works with a smaller viewport, e.g smaller map area.
  7. Nic Hubbard

    I Phone Compass Calibration

    The watch app uses the GPS course data. The watch does not have a compass, so turning while standing will not affect the UI at all. You have to start moving before it will update. How long did you watch the compass while walking away? Remember that it might take a bit to update, the watch APIs and data are not as responsive as on the phone.
  8. Nic Hubbard

    [SOLVED] Trackables from Fieldnotes not logged

    I just tested this and wasn't able to replicate it. I only got one Drafts and one dropped trackable for each log. Are you using Cachly 5.0.4?
  9. Nic Hubbard

    *|find_count|* in Log Templates

    No, the API doesn’t give a different number than what is in your profile. If you restart Cachly is this fixed?
  10. Nic Hubbard

    Opening screen view.

    What did you mean by it is showing France in the middle of the ocean? It should zoom to your current locarion and load unless you have the Automatic search on start option turned off.
  11. Nic Hubbard

    Issue with markdown in logs

    Thanks David. Yeah, let me ask my contacts at HQ what Markdown spec they are following.
  12. Nic Hubbard

    *|find_count|* in Log Templates

    This comes from the API and also an internal calculation when you do things like submit Drafts or save pending logs.
  13. Nic Hubbard

    GPS accuracy on the map view.

    Looks like a bug, will fix.
  14. Nic Hubbard

    refreshing offline list

    I do agree that this would be a cool addition to offline lists. I will make a note of it for consideration.
  15. Nic Hubbard

    Coordinate Projection wrong

    Got the email, thank you. Will look into this sometime soon.
  16. Nic Hubbard

    Map language

    @Play CacheAre you not seeing English on the Israeli map? It should show English and the native language:
  17. Nic Hubbard

    Coordinate Projection wrong

    Are you able to provide me some info so I can recreate what you did and so I can compare it to the online sites you mentioned? If you want to send me something privately you can email support@cach.ly Would be happy to look into the issue.
  18. Nic Hubbard

    show waypoints on main map screen

    These are just fundamental differences in how the two apps work. You can hard press (long press on non-3D touch devices) on the map callout or list view to see extra options. I will add a new option for Navigate on that menu.
  19. Nic Hubbard

    Map language

    This isn't currently possible to change, but the maps do include the data. We hope to add this soon.
  20. Nic Hubbard

    2X Map Scaling

    Thanks for the suggestion. This isn't something that we have planned currently. Have you looked into the iOS accessibility options to zoom your screen instead? This might be helpful in this situation.
  21. Nic Hubbard

    GPS accuracy on the map view.

    On any map screen you can tap on your location and it will show this info:
  22. Nic Hubbard

    show waypoints on main map screen

    Cache Waypoints for the current target cache do show up when navigating, are you not seeing this? Or were you meaning Waypoints of other caches?
  23. Nic Hubbard

    Map Auto-Zoom, Watch Multi Support and some more

    This is an enhancement that we will be add soon. Cachly cannot currently access your list of Friends because of privacy reasons. Please see https://medium.com/@cachly/statement-on-friends-user-privacy-and-gdpr-aacfc7a94b78 Because of this we don't have a way to filter logs based on friends.
  24. Thanks, will investigate.
  25. Nic Hubbard

    Map Auto-Zoom, Watch Multi Support and some more

    We have these on our list as well. Hopefully can get them added in a future version. Not currently. I am not sure the API provides enough data to calculate this. When viewing waypoints, you can tap the ... button and choose to Duplicate it. Once there you can choose to project the coordinate which will be from the waypoint location. Yes it is. Sadly the geocaching.com API doesn't provide a way to do that. Hopefully in the future!