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    Many thanks for such a quick response Nic Hubbard. I have since checked my drafts and I think that all eight of the logs listed were caches that didn’t go through to geocaching.com, but by luck I noticed that and logged them directly to geocaching.com. On Cachly I had the ‘Save as draft’ button on so you may have found the answer to my problem. I have now turned that button ‘off’ and hope that will fix my problem in future. As you can tell I am not at all tech savvy so thanks very much for your help.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Cache radiuses not always showing

    Thanks. Looks like there is a bug here, will get it fixed.
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    import GPX, no waypoint shows up

    I agree with the low priority in favor of items of greater usefulness to more people. But if it had been added, I wanted to tap into it! Thanks!
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    Yes! There it is! Don’t know how I missed it! Thanks!!
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    Default name for exported list

    Thanks so much! Will look forward to it!
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    Christmas smile

    Compliment, the " merry Christmas" smileys made me smile too. Thank you.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Switching to Google Maps

    This is iOS killing Cachly in the background because it wants more memory for other apps. In Settings you can use the History option to view that previous cache. There are ways to do this and we are working to have this in a future version.