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    Add Image via Edit Log

    Well, now I cannot repeat the problem. But I really did encounter it multiple times before reporting it. I wanted to make sure i could duplicate it. So please consider the problem closed. If I ever encounter it again, I will do a screen shot.
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    VIP Tom

    Battery life is still an issue

    Hi Nic, Thanks for your reply. That makes sense now. I look forward to the new battery improvements. Regards, Tom
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    Nic Hubbard

    Named color markers/Tags

    Just letting you know that custom labels feature will be in our 5.1 update.
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    I see. The feature is still good though. Hope Apple releases this in their framework. Thank you for your answers.
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    Offline image

    Hi, any news to the feature discussed here. Recently I had a talk with a fellow Cacher. I had a question about a waypoint and a minute later he sent me a photo of what I was looking for. This was so fast, I was amazed and asked him if his Geocaching app was able to store photos related to the caches. He answered: No, unfortunately not. For some time he maintained a Evernote cache database, but finally he abondoned because the extra work of managing cache fotos in another app was too cumbersome and time consuming. This would be a great feature ... for those who like to document their caching for those who want to remember nice caches with photos they cannot store in the found log for stages of multis (always helpful to be able to look up again whether one has noted down the last coordinates correctly) Sure, you'd have to think it through. First step would be to store personal photos with the cache locally on the device with the possibility of a structured export (e.g. one dir with GC code and cache name per cache). This would ensure that nothing is lost and can be transferred to a personal photo starage location later. iCloud sync could be a secont step/improvement. Best, David
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    offline Caribbean maps

    I tried again, but this time I deleted 2 states I had and this time it showed up. Shouldnt be a memory problem, I have 12 gig available still. but anyway Its there now- Thanks
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    Ham fam

    Today’s find count

    We went out caching today, mostly a power trail, and some other caches. We wanted to hit a hundred, but because some of the caches on the power trail were archived. I thrill it would be nice to be able to see how many caches I’ve found today. Seems like it would be easy though.
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    Yes, I'm using Cachly 5.0.4. I've tested a little bit but also yould not replicate the issue.
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    Thanks Nic!
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    I Phone Compass Calibration

    Ah, this all makes sense. I only walked away 50' or so with the watch. Thanks for the info.
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    GPS accuracy on the map view.

    For an example when you navigate to a cache it says it's 38m, in this info box it would be very nice if it said 38m +/-5m so you don't need to change to the compass to get this information.
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    show waypoints on main map screen

    On the screen when you are looking at the main map to choose which cache to find next... It would be cool if when you click on a cache and the information pops up about the cache, any additional waypoints for the cache would also pop up on the map. That way if there are parking coords, or other important locations, you know about it right away rather than when you navigate to the cache. I realize this won't guarantee that the waypoints won't be hidden by the info pop-up.
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    The only issue I have with this is cluttering up the interface. We would also need to know if this would be valuable to other users.