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    Multiple custom tiles URL in one map

    Hello and thanks for answer. I'm from Czech Republic, here is example: aerial tile: https://mapserver.mapy.cz/bing/11-1120-705 label tile: https://mapserver.mapy.cz/hybrid-sparse-m/11-1120-705 In leaflet: map = L.map(canvas, options) layers = [ L.tileLayer('//mapserver.mapy.cz/bing/{z}-{x}-{y}', mapySatMapOptions), L.tileLayer('//mapserver.mapy.cz/hybrid-sparse-m/{z}-{x}-{y}', mapySatMapOptions).bringToFront() ]; for(i = 0; i < layers.length; i++) { map.addLayer(layers[i]); } I'm surprised that I'm alone with this request. Please, consider implementing. Thanks
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    Getting user data...

    Hi Nic, I got it! Sorry, the missunderstanding was on my site. Now, it works. - thanks for your instant help and greetings from Germany! Andreas
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    Getting user data...

    Read another post about same problem. Logged out and back in. Problem solved. I feel dumb. Thanks.
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    Thanks Nic, I am travelling in northern Australia (Cape York) and just found some (rare) mobile data signal. I updated Cachly to 5.2.2 (8) and can no longer replicate the problem Thanks for the prompt response. Peter Bunkall
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    Czech language

    Hello, I am open to translate Cachly to Czech language.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Czech language

    Translations in Cachly come from Cachly volunteer translators. Is this something you would be interested in doing or know someone who would?
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    Team DEMP

    Does Cachly not load all Caches?

    I determined one of the caches in your screen and then loaded that cache in Live view. I then kept loading more and they all loaded for me. See the screenshot below. You have a large number of caches loaded in your Live view screen - might you have got your daily limit of caches that geocaching.Com allows you to load? You can check by going to More in the bottom right of the main Cachly screen, then selecting Usage and scrolling down within the Usage screen.