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    Needs Maintenance Log problem

    That works! Thanks so much for your help.
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    Traditional caches and other cache type that have corrected coordinates set.
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    No, there comes a point when too much user configuration just make an app confusing. Cachly needs to be a mix of intuitive and easy to use while being powerful.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Apple Watch nearby cash

    Thanks @Bernd. I can replicate this issue and will look into it.
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    Vasco Galvao

    Purge Logs

    It would be a really nice tweak... please considere this ideia... It would speed up all my offline lists. I have more than 500k logs for 5000 geocaches, it’s a lot!!
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    More Apple Watch complications AW4

    I’ve been finding the Cachly Apple Watch app very handy recently for kayak caching. Handy to see distance to next cache by simply turning my wrist instead of reaching for my phone while paddling. I just picked up an Apple Watch 4 & realized with the extra screen space there is a bunch more info Cachly could possibly show. It would be super nice to have a distance & maybe even small compass or general direction to next cache complication. Would be killer for kayak caching and come to think of it sorta was what I was looking for with regards to power trail caching. Even if that isn’t possible at the very least it would be nice if the Cachly watch complication was able to be used in more of the faces. Keep having to use a very specific face just so it’s available to use via the main face. It’s kinda funny how what at first I thought was just a cool gimmicky thing to use every once in awhile has become a real time saver that has a bunch of potential.
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    I agree there is room for improvement. I will look at past a certain zoom level, only center the map and don't zoom in. Meaning, if you are looking at the whole world, tapping the location button would zoom and center. But, if you have already manually zoomed in to a certain level, Cachly would honor that level and just center the map.
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    No I hadn't, but just did. Yes, that's much easier than copy coordinated, create new way point, paste etc. It would be a "nice to have" to add a "Set as corrected Coordinates" option, but this is much better than the way I was doing it.
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    Thanks, looks like an issue that one of our beta testers reported as well. We will get this fixed Thanks!
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    Export list to GPX as non-zip file

    @ Team DEMP I'm using the standard IOS Mail functionality. When I receive a zipped GPX-file and select it, the preview page only gives a link to "Preview Content". Opening the link shows the XML of the GPX. But now you mention it, I hadn't noticed the share button in the right top of the ZIPped-file's preview page before. That does indeed give me an option to "Copy to Chachly". So this "issue" is solved now. Thanks for helping out.
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    Team DEMP

    Export list to GPX as non-zip file

    You can import a zipped GPX file into cachly today. If you have an email with the zip file, open the email and open the zip file. Tap your mail program's Share icon and you should see Cachly listed. Importing a zip and GPX is the same process. If the above doesn't work for you, which iPhone mail program are you using and which step in the process stops you from proceeding?
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    Nic Hubbard

    Integration of Adventure Labs

    Unfortunately this is out of our hands. Lab caches are not included in the partner API, so we are not able to include them at this time.
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    Ham fam

    Today’s find count

    We went out caching today, mostly a power trail, and some other caches. We wanted to hit a hundred, but because some of the caches on the power trail were archived. I thrill it would be nice to be able to see how many caches I’ve found today. Seems like it would be easy though.
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    Team DEMP

    Premium Offline maps

    All options will get you access to all the premium maps and map extras (contours and hillshades). The 2 options that include a tip are there as a gesture of support for the developers continued hard work.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Filter Options for 3.0

    Wouldn't be hard to add...
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    Filter Options for 3.0

    Found in this case means find by me. There might be merit for a filter for not found by anyone, ie a possible FTF. In my view nit an important filter but the FTF chasers could find it handy
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    UserID might also have fixed the issue with special characters in the username. I imagine it's not an easy programming switch from username to UserID internally but it may be worth it in the long run even if it has to wait until a future version. I suspect only a small subset of users is impacted, but it sounds like for those that are there can be numerous problems.
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    If Cachly had a shared database then if you logged in as a different user you'd see somebody else's data, which seems wrong. I'm guessing Groundspeak won't let you access an internal ID which doesn't change? So I think the existing behaviour is correct. If there's no data when starting the app, you could display a dialog saying data needs to be downloaded, including if you've renamed your username?