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In the list view (ie reading previous logs) if the previous log is long, the green 'view images' link overlaps the cache name / link to the next log in the list (see attached image) 

So when you try to view the images, you invariably inadvertently access the cache below in the list

I think there may be a formatting issue with how the images link is presented (after a long log) as Cachly seems to position the images link within the previous log

Is there anything that could be changed about this? (Maybe put the images link to sit in front of the log text, maybe reposition it above the log text or create its own separate fixed size field or placeholder?

Hope this makes sense to readers!? 

After all images associated with a long log are generally worth looking at!


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I will cite an example because this bothers me too.  Look at GC3DYYT.  There is a log on there dated 8/12/2017.  It is very long and the link to the images is placed over top the previous finder's user name.  So, sometimes, I can get the picture but most times I go to the previous finder's profile and then have to view the pictures another way.  Thankfully this app is programmed so that if you choose just to view the photos it presents the most recent on top and provides the date.  (of course only after any that may have been uploaded with the original publication of the cache).


I've also noticed this behavior when using the "Logs" button across the bottom of the app.  I tend to reread my logs (re-living the adventure. ;)) looking for spelling errors, etc.  If there is a long log I've written I can't view all of it.  For example my log on GC5X30V.  It stops displaying with the phrase 'I'll certainly be' and then just abruptly ends.


Hope this helps.

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