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  1. Is it possible to incorporate the following please 1) shortcut back to main search menu button - sometimes I have got myself a long way away from the main search screen and have to then 'press' back repeatedly to get back to the main search screen a shortcut straight back to here would be great 2) Cancel current request / operation button sometimes cachly gets stuck trying to do something, and you have to wait for the progress circle to complete , generally when network signal is poor. You then have to wait until cachly decides its had enough before you can do anything else Similarly if you set it off on a search you have made a mistake with, sometimes it would be good to be able to force the next action, rather than wait for the app to decide it is time to move on Either or both of these would be a great help out in the field Thanks
  2. Think it's 3.1 (19) looked to see if there was an update available but didn't see one
  3. Have you tried it with TBs too? Could it be related to internet access issues during transmission? There was a window alert to do with being unable to process duplicate found it logs screenshot attached is the log trapped in pending where the cache title turned red I'll watch out for it happening again noticed that various cachly operations were slow this weekend - but were in a dodgy cell phone and wifi area at the time
  4. Could you try more than 2 images please, the one I struggled with yesterday had 3 photos it logged a Found It on the cache page, with the first photo only, leaving the log in cachly (but turning the cache title red in the pending log) if this works ok, maybe I'll do some dummy logs on my own caches that I can delete is there anything specific you'd like me to test for you?
  5. Any update to this one Nic please just had a similar issue occur with found it logs and more than one photo attached Cachly only loads the first attached photo and fails to clear the log out of pending, yet records the Found It on the cache page
  6. Thanks - there have been 4 specific instances I can definitely remember We had done about 30 caches in London over a weekend and taken photos of 3 TBs across our adventures at various significant sites One TB (a Sherlock Holmes TB) had about 4 photos attached to its lengthy log (Sherlock Holmes sites along a related series) Another (SideTracked TB) had about 8 photos attached to its lengthy log A US helicopter TB was shown all around the sites of London too (maybe 4 photos attached) all log text and photos disappeared during bulk upload rewrote one or two TB logs - uploaded the photos and the logs disappeared again (can't remember if it was a bulk upload) Yesterday had a TB that I attached 3 photos too with a decent log - in amongst bulk upload, all disappeared again I know it's just a glitch but it's put me off logging TBs anymore via cachly - it's currently a waste of time and effort hope its an easy fix as I otherwise love cachly Thanks
  7. Seems so i can't categorically say it only happens when I bulk log, but I have noticed it definitely happens when I have written longer than usual (i.e. Dropped) TB notes and attached more than one photo to that log
  8. Doesn't seem to happen if you send a log on it's own, only seems to happen if you bulk upload / send a batch of logs at a go
  9. It appears that if you attach more than one photo to a TB log, that the log disappears into cyberspace This has happened a few times to me at this and previous versions of cachly i have the latest (Nov 17) cachly update on an iPhone 5 at ios10
  10. In the list view (ie reading previous logs) if the previous log is long, the green 'view images' link overlaps the cache name / link to the next log in the list (see attached image) So when you try to view the images, you invariably inadvertently access the cache below in the list I think there may be a formatting issue with how the images link is presented (after a long log) as Cachly seems to position the images link within the previous log Is there anything that could be changed about this? (Maybe put the images link to sit in front of the log text, maybe reposition it above the log text or create its own separate fixed size field or placeholder? Hope this makes sense to readers!? After all images associated with a long log are generally worth looking at! Thanks
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