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Language translation facility

Roan65 - Bob


We regularly go caching around Europe but are unable to read some cache pages when in a different language

If there was a feature, say a flag by the hint or description, which if you clicked on, then it would copy that text and paste it into a Google translate window.

I wouldn't suggest having a save facility, as the user could always do a screen shot to save.

Rather than designing your own translation feature, I'm sure that Google have a facility for this that can be utilised, ideally with the auto language detect feature

The key areas for the translate feature would be hint (why not ago decode the hint), then description and finally the logs. I would suggest a translate flag next to each log so they can be translated one at a time.

While caching in Europe data charges are still quiet expensive, so a keep it simple solution would be ideal and reduce the data requirements. We just had a week in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands and it cost about $60 for 500mb which went rather quickly. I was copying the text, pasting into a translate app to translate and repeating.

This may not give a perfect translation, but for cachers travelling to different countries, it would really help.

Possibly have a switch in the settings to display the translate flag or not and then put the flag bottom right of the text after the description/hint/each log

Many thx for listening and hope other users will find this useful, it would be a strong unique feature that no one else currently does

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