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Update Offline Lists

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This morning, July 1, Cachly opened with a message about a required update of offline lists. I could skip, but then I would not be able to use the lists until I had updated. 

So, I performed the update, but I cannot see any changes in my lists when I view them. I have done some searching on google and in the forums. I have not located any references to this required update.

What is the purpose of this update? Will this message appear each month on the first?

I thought that I might see more recent logs in each cache after updating, but did not. I individually refreshed a couple of the caches and more recent logs did appear.

Second topic, we had an offline list for the Georgia and the SC stars. We had entered the solved coordinates in GSAK.  In Cachly, we selected one of the lists which contained solved puzzles. The map showed the actual locations rather than the Geoart locations.  Next, we selected the three dots at the top right which opened a menu with a choice to update. We selected update. Afterwards, the caches all had their original coords again, not the coords for the solved puzzles.

No warning message appeared to tell us this would happen.  We still have the original GSAK files and can download them to Cachly again.

We have a situation where we can not continue to use our offline lists without updating.  There is no obvious place to read about the required update and what is changed by the update.

We have a second situation where an update initiated by us makes major changes to our list without warning. 

Is there a comprehensive manual available somewhere?





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Not 100% clear on what you mean about an offline list being updated. I'm a beta user so I've been using the 3.0 release for a while so not sure what you experienced today. Did you happen to update Cachly in the last 2 days with the new 3.0 release or your iPhone auto updated it?  If so, it could be that 3.0 handles offline lists differently and this was a one-time update of that info.

Regarding the corrected coordinates and GSAK, I have to again make an assumption you'd need to confirm. That assumption is you use GSAK Corrected Coordinate field and you generated the GPX you loaded into Cachly from GSAK. If that's the case, the corrected coordinate is handled differently in the GSAK approach vs the Geocaching.com approach, and when you updated the cache from geocaching.com, there was no corrected coordinate there. 

This GSAK corrected coordinate approach goes back years as geocaching.com had issues with corrected coords and GSAK provided their own solution. I brought this up to the GSAK community and it seems you can run a macro that will update geocaching.com with the GSAK corrected coordinate so geocaching.com and any update (individual ot included in a larger GPX) generated by geocaching.com should handle it as you'd expect. The new macro on the GSAK site is at http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32407&st=0&#entry243331 / http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=243426

I hope some of the above helps.

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Team Demp,

Just checked my version. It is 3.0 which apparently just released on June 29. My update experience with the offline lists was likely a result of that update. My app or my iPhone must have updated independently of me. Was not aware that there was a new release.

The release notes do mention at least three upgrades associated with offline lists.

I also noted a bulk pending upload is among the enhancements. I was hoping for that one.

Thanks for the info about GSAK. This is an issue with us only as far as Geoart is concerned. We solve several sets of geoart puzzles prior to road trips and take them along with us. We've done five or six state stars and quite a few others as well. Sounds as if the offline list upgrade I experienced this morning is a one time deal. Since today was the first of the month, I thought it might be going to become a regular "feature" each month.

As for the multiple postings, I apologize. I kept seeing a red banner telling me something had gone wrong. At the bottom of the screen was a message in red that said to wait 107 seconds and try again. So, I tried several more times. Only the last time showed that I had been successful.

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The reason I first looked at Cachly was the poor corrected coordinate support of the official app. I never understood why the official app showed caches at the original coordinates. The latest official app update earlier this week corrected that but there's no turning back for me - Cachly is my app of choice!

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