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Proximity alert


It would be nice if cachly could send notification when I'm near to a cache (some meters, maybe make this value configurable).
Then I do not need to look at the phone so often during a hike :)

Especially when using an Apple watch this would be great, as already discussed in the "Apple Watch" thread:

Posted May 26


I wish i could use Cachly to vibrate when you are in the vicinity (5-10 meters?) of the selected cache.

I now put this feature-request to an own thread, as a proximity alert does not necessarily include Apple watch support. 


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What a nice surprise to find this feature in the release notes of the latest update.

I've been searching for years for a geocaching app that triggers an alert for nearby caches (without having to navigate to them) without any success until now.
Now Cachly finally supports it and works like a charm.

Many thanks to the developers to integrate that! :) Donation just done.

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