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  1. What a nice surprise to find this feature in the release notes of the latest update. I've been searching for years for a geocaching app that triggers an alert for nearby caches (without having to navigate to them) without any success until now. Now Cachly finally supports it and works like a charm. Many thanks to the developers to integrate that! Donation just done.
  2. Germany - Belgium - Netherlands. Seems that neither South- nor North-Europe map covers this area A West-Europe map would just be what I need
  3. I live near to the borders of three countries. As Cachly displays only one offline map at a time, I have to switch between the maps very often depending on where I am (or even when I want to check where available caches are located). It would be very handy to me if there is a multi- instead of single-selection for showing offline maps.
  4. I'm also interested in that. As it doesn't require apple watch support, I created an own feature-request thread for that: Proximity alert
  5. It would be nice if cachly could send notification when I'm near to a cache (some meters, maybe make this value configurable). Then I do not need to look at the phone so often during a hike Especially when using an Apple watch this would be great, as already discussed in the "Apple Watch" thread: Posted May 26 I now put this feature-request to an own thread, as a proximity alert does not necessarily include Apple watch support.
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