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Missing Trackable Descriptions

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In looking at trackables, I noticed the description does not always show up. It seems to be find for any trackable I own. The first one I tried that I didn't own was the Airstream tag. It clearly has a description online but Description is greyed out in Cachly. I though it might be behaving oddly because it's a promotional tag. Then the same thing happened with the Apple Jack tag. I'm suspicious that it's an API because I get the same results in the official app. Thoughts?


[Note:  For others reading this I don't have any trackables in my possession right now. I am working on screenshots for handouts for some sessions I"m doing. I had the tracking numbers in an old list of trackables I saw at an event on my phone. The numbers are not obscured in the attached screen captures so they can be tested. Please be respectful. Probably wasted breath as I've yet to read a post in this forum that is not respectful, so thanks to Nic and all the participants for the pleasant environment.]




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I think what you are seeing here is correct.

Airstream Tag:

This is a promotional tag so that text that they show on the website isn't available through the API.

Apple Jack Tag:

The text you see on the website is the Current Goal text. View the Goal in Cachly and that will show you this text.


Do you see another anomaly that I can look into?

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