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Problem with HERE Maps navigation


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When driving to a cache I'll often use HERE Maps for turn-by-turn voice directions to get me in the near vicinity. I've been having trouble getting this to work in Cachly and hope someone can help me figure out what I may be doing wrong. Here's my procedure:

1. Tap the icon for the desired cache

2. Tap the pop-up info box for the cache

3. Click Navigate to Cache at the top of the cache info page, which switches to the Maps page

4. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the Maps page to bring up Routing Options

5. Select the HERE Maps routing option

HERE Maps does open and properly shows potential routes from my location to the cache. As shown in the 1st screenshot of a routing activated from Cachly, however, the Start button is greyed out and can't be selected to activate real-time routing. I can see my position move along the route, but that's about it. No change in distance, arrival time, etc., as HERE Maps isn't actually routing me as I drive. Trying the routing in Geosphere (2nd screenshot) produces the same page in HERE Maps as Cachly does--but the Start button is green and can be clicked to start a route with turn-by-turn voice directions. 

I don't see any options in HERE Maps to produce different behavior so I wonder whether I'm  missing some critical step or setting. 

I'm using an iPhone 6s with iOS 10.2.1.

Any suggestions on getting HERE Maps to start routing? Thanks!


Cachly routing.PNG

Geosphere routing.PNG

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Yes, I'm using a custom bookmark in Geosphere that works properly. In August 2016 I contacted HERE support because the syntax which had once worked had been "broken" with an update to HERE. Here's what they said:

"We are no longer supporting this format of the deep links. The new format is the following: here-location://[LATITUDE],[LONGITUDE]"

I'm attaching my working Geosphere bookmark even though it doesn't appear that I need the [LOCAL] token. Does this give you what you need to know?




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