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Cachly is Huge

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Cachly version number: 2.0.3(4)

  • 10.2.1
  • iPhone 6
  • Screen
  • Premium member

So, I got a notification on my iphone that I was low on storage space-->so I went to check it out: settings, general, storage & icloud usage, manage storage--> and cachly said that it was 5.5 gigs.

Weird I thought, so I went to delete offline list that I didn't need anymore (from other countries).  No change in size.  Went to off line maps, deleted Japan (the only one I had) and still no change.

Rebooted phone, no change.  deleted cachly, downloaded it again, 22mb.

Redownloaded Japan maps (supposed to be under 600mp), after it was finished, cachly said that it was almost 950. 


Did all of this to my iPad, and my wife's iPhone 5S...same story.

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Deleting both Offline Lists and Offline Maps will delete them out of Cachly's documents directory. In just testing this on my phone Cachly went from 2 gigs down to 48 MB after deleting all my Offline Maps and Lists.

Did you give iOS a second to refresh the usage screen?

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Just now, ShoesBologna said:

I thought that I did.  I even rebooted, and then looked.

And I tried it on three devices. 

I'll work with it again tonight and see if I can reproduce.

I created a bug report for this in our system so I can investigate. Thank you for reporting it!

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