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There are 2 things missing from the List view that I enjoy in Geosphere. One is the live directional pointer telling me which of the next list entries would be best to seek next since they are in the same direction. Another is the owner/location which is an option. You can see either the owner or the location. Knowing the owner can influence which I choose to do from the list. I typically keep it set to owner because location always shows California, USA which for local search at home never really varies. When traveling or viewing offline lists the location can be more interesting than the CO. 
Fitting these into the current UI without more vertical real estate, which I would not like, is tricky. I don't need the line with the difficulty, terrain, size headings but I can see how this would help a beginner. Changing these to a D, T, S and putting them on the same line as the rating would free up that space but would risk being somewhat more obscure. The number of trackable's in the cache is mildly interesting but more often than not just shows zero. Removing that or omitting it when zero wouldn't really buy much space though. 
I don't have an answer for this but maybe you're UI designer can think about it some. The directional arrow would require live display though.

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Or perhaps a "power user" mode :)

That was a suggestion long ago for geosphere, but it's a significant development as it's essentially creating a new UI layout to cater to those who know the functionality and content so well that symbols and letters, at most, can be used to identify common or repeated information, and quicker access to most common functions can take priority over presentation and explanation... and to remove extra whitespace (*tsk* still @ Groundspeak on that for their web design).

Anyway. Thought I'd chime in :)

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This is one of those issues that is hard to fix and make everyone happy. Our current UI design is a good mix of information that most of our users find helpful. I would think that you are in the "power user" category, so your requirements are somewhat different.

I think in the future maybe having two different UI layouts for list/map callout would be a good idea. So I will make sure it gets noted on our feature list. :)

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