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Date and time

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Anyone else having trouble with the date and time function. The type is too big to fit in the allotted area. I looked at someone else’s cachly app and theirs is fine.  
Is there a way to correct this. It functions OK just is annoying.  


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I run at a larger size too but maybe 1 less then you, and most things fit fine. 
If you go to your iPhone (not Cachly) Settings and pull down to search and then enter in Text Size, I run at the setting all the way on the right. That is the largest setting on that screen. 

if you had gone into the "disabiities" settings and enabled large text there, that would put my text size in the middle of the possible sizes. I suspect that is what your settings are currently enabled. I have no idea if adjusting it down a bit would still be usable for you, even if just while you are using Cachly. 

Here are some screen shots that show what I referenced above:

Cachly log screen with my settings:

This is the Text Size setting screen and I have it set all the way to the right:

This is the screen after enabling Larger Text in the disabilities option. It puts what was the largest setting in the screen above now in the middle of how large the text could be:

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